An evaluation of hrm at aramex company

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It is a listed Company in Dubai Financial Market. Its headquarter is in the United Arab Emirates which is a strategic location bridging the company to the West and East which enables it to expand its customer base while providing logistic solutions to consumers all over the world (Shehadeh, 2019). This is the HRM report of Aramex Company. The report uses Ulrich’s HRM model to analyze the organization. Justification This report provides human resource management activities at Aramex. The company’s operating Information Aramex has its main headquarter in the Middle East at Amman, in Jordan. It operates on an annual revenue of $845 million US dollars. The company operates in more than 60 countries in the world with more than 14000 employees. It was the first company in the world to be listed on NASDAQ in 1997 (Namazie & Venegas 2016).

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It is however currently listed on Dubai Stock Market. Aramex’s Global Network The company is the founding member and a leader of the Global Distribution Alliance. It is an alliance of more than 40 express companies from different regions providing logistic solutions around the world. The network operates around the globe with common binding standards of quality and technology. The alliance has more than 12000 offices, 66000 employees and 33000 vehicles (Namazie & Venegas 2016). It operates in more than 240 countries. The fundamental perception of human resource is that they view the workforce as an asset and not a cost to the organization (Shehadeh, 2019). To maintain their mandate the human resource in the company is tasked with a range of responsibilities as presented herein. HR is the strategic partner and executes strategic roles to the organization.

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It is mandated to contribute to the development and accomplishment of business plans and objectives of the organization. Besides, the entity informs organizations behavior towards the workforce. More of a partnership between the managers and the human resource happen at the production lines. Hire and train employees The human resource is mandated to hire and train to create a productive environment. They ensure that the employees are adequately knowledgeable, skilled to accomplish their responsibilities. The HR also makes arrangements for employees to attend training courses so that employees attain the right qualifications to perform their functions. It is a strategy by which the organization to adhere to the regulations of governments. They ensure that the organization complies with the labor laws.

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It is the mandate of the human resource to advocate for their employees (Rees & Smith, 2017). Importantly, the human resources ensure that employees are compensated and given their benefits. The HR Methods at Aramex The Human Resource at Amerix uses a variety of methods and techniques depending on their scheduled activities. The methods have been successfully used over the years in the management of the dynamic workforce to meet the objectives of the company (Abourawi, 2008). Job Rotation It is a method used by the human resources at Aramex which entails shifting employees from one position to another. The process of rotating employees is either vertical or horizontal. Employees are moved to vertical positions on promotion. It is an effective method for enhancing the knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience of employees in their respective jobs.

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Creating assistant positions Whenever the human resource wants to increase the skill set and experience of junior employees, they are put under the supervision of a manager who coaches and monitors their progress. Conclusions The report discussed the fundamental aspects of Human resources management at Aramex Company. It began by providing an overview of the company. The main aspects of the report are the roles and methods used by the Aramex Human Resource. The report also featured the processes and methods of development of human resources. It determined that Aramex is constituted of a vibrant human resource team that has the company perform and expand its networks across the globe which is a key business objective. S. Aramex PJSC: carving a competitive advantage in the global logistics and express transportation service industry.

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