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Notably, Hibbett has established convenient business locations with personalized customer services and has easy access to equipment, apparel, coveted footwear and accessories. The mission of the company is always to meets customer’s needs to the best of their ability. The company mission is to conduct its business and services while maintaining the ‘neighbourhood' feeling of sporting goods. Hibbett major strength is that its foundation was built through selling the highest level of ethical standards and integrity. Additionally, Hibbett vision is to emerge the customer's best choice in their products and services. Some of the commercial agents try to work out following their motto which says, "Quitting is only allowed when nothing is left. " Moreover, advancement in technology has made the current business easier.

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The use of the social media platform has been the best marketing tactic for the Hibbett sports company. It has tried to improve reach the social media through coming up with brand content strategy. The marketing team of the company has grown exponentially its presence in social media since they incorporated percolate analytics in their marketing planning. There is no doubt that Hibbett a sport is committed to continuing using the social media platform in marketing its products and services (Aswathappa, 543). However, the company believes that social media will raise its business value thus becoming successful in the long run. Efficient marketing in social media will be a surety that the company will prosper and raise its profitability to great heights.

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Sustainability There is a need for any businesses to embrace sustainability. It is noted with great concern that durability is increasing the business value and on the other hand becoming a competitive edge. The amount that the AHA body generates through the fundraising campaign is used to raise the awareness of heart diseases and aiding the research of such diseases. In April every year, Hibbett organises for a fundraising campaign for the American Heart Association (AHA) which is an impactful body that usually educates people about proper heart health. Additionally, the employees of Hibbett engage in Birmingham heart walk which is usually organised by the American Heart Association across the United States. The walk is meant to support the fight against stroke and heart diseases.

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Furthermore, Hibbett sports have maintained good working conditions for its employees in the local factories. Notably, Hibbett sports have engaged in the collection of Red Cross donations to support the victims involved in Hurricane Harvey. There was serious devastation in the communities which was caused by the Hurricane Harvey. However, Hibbett Sports felt that they are determined to serve and hence their thoughts were absolutely in the victims. The company emerged to be the first respondent to this crisis. The company’s president noted with great concern that all of the employees were safe and on the other hand, stores that were situated in Louisiana and Texas had only minor damages. Marketing has enabled Hibbett sports to create awareness of its products nationally and even across the globe.

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