Analysis of the Indian Customer Service in Australia

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Notably, cultural shocks often arise when customers from a foreign land seek services from a specific organization in the host country or location. Moreover, it is important for organizations to ensure the satisfaction of every client regardless of their background. Customers’ response to the organization’s services depends on their satisfaction or experience (Howthorne, 2013). More specifically, the paper looks forward to analyzing the customer service in Australia with respect to Indian customers that visit the place. Culture is a fundamental aspect that determines business success and effectiveness of customer relations. Australian companies need to be comfortable with serving Indian clients to widen the scope of customers that they serve. The whole connection of Australian and Indian populace in the commercial world starts from good relations and effective services by the customer service (Wade, 2015).

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Apart from the customer service delivery, the customers also have to be loyal. Indian customers have been flooding Australia in the last decade and the Townsville community shows them tremendous hospitality due to their loyalty. The Indian culture tolerates much loyalty hence that has been an added advantage to the Australian customer services especially in Townsville. Since Townsville is a developed city, it is more likely to attract many Indian customers so long as the corporate team addresses their various cultural needs, norms, and beliefs. The more the customers the more likely the profits will rise. Indian customers increase the total number of customers that organizations in Townsville can receive per given period. However, Indian customers do not readily adopt to the situation in India due to the potential differences between the Indian and the Australian culture (Australia India Institute, 2013).

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Indians expect to be treated as Indians so that they adopt to the host country with a little or no difficulties. Moreover, Indian culture holds that items should be passed using the right hand if not both hands (Cultural Atlas, 2018). Townville customer service department ought to realize this fact and make it clear to every worker in order to create awareness. Business transactions involve exchange of goods that are often passed by use of hands. A professional who is not aware of such culture of Indians may possibly engage in a mistake of passing a product to an Indian customer using the left hand and that may not turn out well to some Indian customers. Customers who realize that a particular organization in Townsville values their culture may become potential customers to such an organization hence improve the profitability of the same.

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Overgaard (2010) notes that organizations that show adequate hospitality to Indian customers are more likely to secure more Indian customers than organizations that do not value hospitality as much. Showing hospitality to clients enables them to feel welcomed hence they would be free to speak out their needs and become consistent clients to the firms. Washing hands is one of the basic Indian cultures that Townsville organizations cannot afford to escape. Some organizations often use gloves to minimize the extent of washing hands. Even so, Indians value washing hands while handling most things (Mossialos & Wenzi, 2015). Most Indians disregard alcohol due to their religious beliefs and their upbringing. Therefore, it is quite recommendable that organizations that look forward to serve Indians should not let alcohol to be part of the premises where Indian Customers are served (Cultural Atlas, 2018).

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For businesses serve different customers, they may set specific sections to serve Indians where alcohol is neither served nor brought to ensure that Indian customers are comfortable. Hindus value cows given the nature and the norms of their religion. Innovative businesses in Townsville may consider creating nice cow paintings on the walls and at the customer service desks to create a positive impression of Indian culture and make them feel comfortable in a foreign land (Australia India Institute, 2013). Moreover, would be relatively difficult for Australian residents to convince Indian customers due to the wide difference in cultures. Townsville customer services that look forward to attracting Indian customers should avoid instances of swearing, irrelevant humor, and unethical conducts. Most Indians view swearing as offensive if not presence (Cultural Atlas, 2018).

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Therefore, the customer service personnel should avoid irrelevant swearing or unreal promises to clients. Most customer service providers are more likely to swear or give unrealistic promises that may not be fulfilled at the right time. References Adapa, S. Adoption of Internet Shopping: Cultural considerations in India and Australia.  Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce, 13(2), 1-17. Retrieved from http://www. icommercecentral. India.  Australian Government Austrade, 1-8. Cultural Atlas. Indian culture. Retrieved from https://culturalatlas. Indian students and the evolution of the study-migration pathway in Australia.  International Organization for Migration, 52(2), 3-19. Jung, K. (n. d.  The Commonwealth Fund, 1-179. Overgaard, L. An analysis of Indian culture in an era of gllobalization.  Business Communication, 1(1), 1-50. Singh, S. A cross-cultural comparison by individualism/collectivism among Brazil, Russia, India and China.

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