Animal Testing or Animal Cruelty Research

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Several scientists don’t have the right care for animals, (Matthiessen & Lucaroni 104). Instead of having them being free and happy and undisturbed among the earth, animals are being captured. Not only animals are being captured, these animals our being abused by many experiments scientists are creating, (Balls 193). These experiments that these scientists are creating are going into different hair products, perfumes, and multiple cosmetics, human beings are using today which can be very dangerous for people. Of course, scientists are being harmful to animals, but they’re also wasting money that several Americans pay through taxes which is extremely unfair to people. If this continues animal abuse will also, (Balls 194). Killing animals is unnecessary, especially if it doesn’t help anything or anyone.

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Animals have the right to live freely just as we do. It is morally right and if not, then it is inhumane of us to let this abuse continue, (Emily 97). Animals upon this world have a purpose to live, among this world without being harmed in any way. Women that used Lash Lure, resulted in blindness and to those women who developed ulcers, eventually ending up dealing and suffering with severe bacterial infections (E. g. , National Research Council (US) Committee). Clearly, this reveals that the products that are tested on animals are extremely harmful to human beings. I believe that many people in America, need to wake up and realize that not only the experiments are killing our creatures, it is killing our fellow American citizens too, (Wilkinson & Festing 527).

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If people really think of how much this experimentation really cost, they would then begin to realize that what the scientists and the government are really doing is unfair and ridiculous, (Douglas 448). Spending billions of dollars yearly on harming animals is just plain sad and disgusting, it is just a sickening disgrace and it definitely makes the government look evil and irresponsible. All in All, animal testing is very cruel and sickening. I honestly don’t understand why people want to be so evil and cruel. Animals in this world, should have the freedom to live their life to the fullest just like human beings. Using testing that does not involve animals’ results in more reliable testing, more cost effective, and products that are more environmentally safe, (Matthiessen & Lucaroni 105).

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Vitro testing is a method that uses human cells and tissues to perform tests or experiments that they would normally use animals for, (Balls 196). Using human cells and tissues replicates the human reaction to certain diseases and drugs which is much more accurate than the cruelty of animals and the pain that this testing causes them, (Wilkinson & Festing 527). They are beginning to use this method to test new drugs rather than use animals as research subjects. Another method is by using human volunteers. These silly experiments are causing detrimental pain and suffering to these poor defenseless animals. Many people are misguided by the influences all around them and listen to those around them without gathering specific details and gaining more knowledge to form their own argument and mentality.

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Some can say that animal testing saves lives, so it is worth torturing and killing many defenseless animals, but in reality, there are alternatives to animal testing as stated. This issue correlates with the general moral principle (GMP) forms by Philosopher John Mill. His GMP is utilitarianism. With these innovations, millions of animals have been the primary test subjects in the clinical trials of the proposed new cure/vaccine. Before any proposed pathological medicine is tested on humans, it is experimented on animals. The public opinion on this issue varies due to the lack of knowledge and extent of testing, (Balls 193). Animal testing is not a headline in the news nor is it an everyday issue for the majority of the population.

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Animal testing was/is something that was not properly analyzed. This is a situation that is being allowed to happen because of the many failures in the economy. Animal welfare reforms offer less protection to animals because of the economics involved, (Matthiessen & Lucaroni 106). If this continues animal abuse will also. Animals are easily killed or brutality harmed in these experiments and sometimes, the experiments tested on animals end up being more dangerous in humans. Animal testing is also very expensive and is a waste of money, (Emily 97). Wasting money is just wrong, especially when it is wasted on something so negative or on something that can cause someone, or something’s life, (Emily 97). Experimentation in general, is too expensive alone and the government needs to get a wakeup call and realize that what they are doing, is wrong and it could be sinful.

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