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Human right groups have always emphasized on the same issue. Racial profiling is an offence that is punishable by law (Peter H. Schuck). A case study on racial profiling indicates that the law enforcement bodies use characteristics of a particular group of individuals that indicate that they consider being identified with a crime. For instance; skin color, dress code, language and the choice of life style. In this case, the Nonwhite individuals were racially profiled since the indicators suggested that t were predominantly likely to transport drugs more than the white people. The racial profiling in the name of the war on drugs continued and extended d Airport regular screening, intrusive searches and the deportation of non-white people who were found with minor offences.

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These included even the forceful removal of individuals from planes (Reem Bahdi). In the United Kingdom and the European countries, the history tracing back to racial profiling traces back to the ancient times just like in the United States. The aggressive and intrusive searches regularly take place. Actions are taken Against the Racial Profiling In the United States of America, Actions have slowly been taken to curb the racial profiling and bring harmony to the state. Former President Barack Obama established a body that was to be used to strengthen the police and the community since there have been a lot of police shootings and protest by the minority groups across various states. The United States Senate has also established policies and laws to govern the racial profiling (Peter H.

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Schuck). The police procedures have also been revised For instance the police have been trained freshly on how to deal with huge crowds of people during mass demonstrations. It is not an efficient strategy of law enforcement, and it diverts the attention of the authorities from the use of actual and objective signals of behaviors that are suspicious to assess situations effectively. The American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona. Driving While Black or Brown. <https://www. acluaz. It is a reliable source since it has all the data and statistics of cases involving Racial Profiling and this is essential in the fight against its course. This article can be used to demonstrate how Racial Profiling has managed to erode trust between communities and law enforcement methods.

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Consequently, citizens are not likely to work in collaboration with the police or even report crimes and provide information which could detain the real criminal. CRAWFORD, KAMILLIA E. TO CATCH A TERRORIST: THE IMPROPER USE OF PROFILING IN U. S enacted laws to protect against terrorism. The agencies of law enforcement are efficient in curbing terrorism. However, their strategies have a significant flaw, and that is the use of Racial Profiling to tackle public safety and national security concerns. The real intention of this thesis being written is the discussion of the effectiveness and history of profiling in the United States. Post 9/11 counterterrorism via a theoretical study of articles and journals that are peer-reviewed, relevant laws, and the cases of the U.

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It is also both wrong and ineffective. It shows how its impacts are more adverse than beneficial in every area where intelligence and law enforcement interact with a society which includes national security, immigration, and criminal context and racial profiling tends to undermine the fundamental values of Canada. This perception that crime has become rampant in the current society does not at all justify the irrational and ineffective tactics of the security agencies and law enforcement that does not regard the rights of the people, erodes civil liberties, and violates the Charter. This article is written by BCCLA an agency that is committed to eradicate the Racial Profiling influence in the law enforcement of Canada as an attempt to make the daily governmental operations less corrupted.

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by this practice which permits social bias and racism to not only direct but also distort ways in which the powers of the government touch the citizens' lives. <http://gspp. berkeley. edu/assets/uploads/research/pdf/Martin_Glaser-_Racial_Profiling-Debates_Immigration_2014. pdf>. In this essay, Peter Schuck tries to argue that after the 9/11 incident, and the illegal immigration issue becoming more pressing, it is essential for the nation to discuss rationally using racial profiling. <https://www. theguardian. com/us-news/2015/dec/31/the-counted-police-killings-2015-young-black-men>. According to the discoveries of the Guardian Study, young "colored" men were nine times more likely to get killed by the police compared to their white counterparts in the year 2015. Approximately one thousand two hundred deaths were recorded in the hands of police officers in the same year.

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