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Other approaches are designed to prevent the ovary of the woman from releasing eggs and thus not allowing fertilization and this includes approaches like birth control pills, shots, patches, emergency contraceptive pills and also vaginal rings. Other birth control approaches include IUDS in which devices are implanted into the uterus of a woman and can be kept there for several years. Lastly, birth control can also be done through sterilization which is a permanent prevention of a woman getting pregnant or a man not having the capability to get a woman pregnant. The decision of these distinctive conception prevention techniques relies on a few elements including a person's well-being, the number of sexual accomplices, attractiveness to sex, and the need to have kids later on in life. Mostly, many people always seek the advice of health professionals in making a choice of the best birth control methods.

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Another advantage is that unlike many other birth control methods like vasectomy, the effects of oral contraception is reversible. The use of oral contraception and also hormonal contraceptives that are administered by injection or even transdermally has continually grown in the United States. The authors conclude that the effects of hormonal contraceptives are not severe on the health of women considering the fact that it’s widely used by over 500 million women who are still alive. Mørch L. Skovlund C. Very little is known in relation to this topic as many different scholars focus more on the positive side of different birth control methods. Mørch et al. through a planned cohort research which included ladies in Denmark between 15 and 49 years of age with the aim of assessing the link between the use of hormonal contraceptive and the chances of invasive breast cancer.

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The women involved in the study had never had cancer or venous thromboembolism and had also ever received any infertility treatments. The findings of the article indicated that there was a high risk of cancer among the women who were continuing or had recently used contemporary hormonal contraceptives as compared to women who had never used such contraceptives. For birth control pills to work effectively in the prevention of pregnancies, it’s important for the woman taking the oral contraceptives to remember to take them every single day and also ensure to take it approximately in a similar time of the day. This is on the grounds that oral contraceptives tend not to be a decent type of conception prevention if the measurements are missed. What’s more, Jin (2014) argues that oral contraceptives ought not to be administered to women above the age of 35 years, and even to women who smoke as this increases the risk of blood clotting.

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Additionally, oral contraceptives are not to be administered to women suffering from heart diseases, high blood pressure, problems of the liver, previous cases of blood clots, high levels of cholesterol, stroke cases and also breast cancer. The author also states that in the case that birth control pills are perfectly taken as prescribed, the chances of pregnancy is 0. The women’s rights movement in the twentieth century changed the process of changing sexual standards making birth control a respectable medical practice. Costantino A, Gava G, Berra M, Meriggiola Maria C. Advances in male hormonal contraception. The Indian Journal of Medical Research. Nov; 140 Suppl: S58-62. Burkman R, Schlesselman JJ, & Zieman M. Safety concerns and health benefits associated with oral contraception. American Journal of Obstetrics Gynecology. Apr; 190 (4 Suppl): S5-22. DOI: 10. Apr; 190(4 Suppl): S60-8.

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DOI: 10. j. ajog. This article focuses on male hormonal contraception and its benefits in the role of family planning.

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