Apples Strategy Implementation and Evaluation

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The organizational achievement is dependent on how it plans its long-term goals and strategies and targets its survival, value, and growth. Apple in its early years was mostly reactive to the first growing and rapidly changing computer industry, the company has however re-invented time and again to remain competitive to the fast-changing technological world. This report will discuss how Apple’s strategic plan is converted into implementation activities internationally in alignment with the legal, social and ethical considerations. The report will further elaborate on strategy implementation and control and will also explain how the strategic plan and implementation activities will be monitored. The aim of the report has been achieved by critical analyzing Apples products and services, its market, divisions and how they impact to the corporate strategies.

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Apple’s International strategy Based on the analysis of the internal environment of the company, it was founded that Apple has a robust international strategy- product differentiation and blue ocean strategy (Mayer, 2012). In its plan, the company aims to design, create operating systems, hardware and software applications and services to deliver new products and offer solutions differentiated by the easiness to use the products, innovative and industrial design. The company focuses on identifying customer expectations and thereby produces different product designs that are appealing to its potential customers through what is known as product differentiation. By-product differentiation, the operating systems of the company’s computers is highly protected from hackers and viruses and also the materials used to make the products are usually of high quality.

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Blue ocean strategy is one in which Apple continuously produces new and inventive products promptly for the achievement of its core objectives. The company has effectively provided proper working conditions for its employees and provided reasonable working hours with fair wages. Also, Apple offers the real product to fill the needs and provide longevity to its potential consumers. The company is motivated to offering solutions to customers’ problems and is less interested in profit. Innovation and Diversification Innovation is the most crucial thing for any business to succeed. Through technological innovations, most top companies have created competitive advantages and as well brought more competitors into the market. S government had banned earlier on (Raymond, 2013). Furthermore, America has strict labor and environmental laws which are making it hard for the company to compete in a highly competitive environment.

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Apples strategic metrics Strategic metrics are indicators of performance which help in understanding the most critical things crucial for the continued success of a business. Apple offers a solution based strategy for its business, and as a result, metrics play an important role in evaluating the performance of such strategies (Ronald & Lam, 2012). Since it offers the solution to problems of its consumers, the business employs a strategy metrics that is goal-oriented-a strategy metrics which is fundamental in the assessment of whether the goals of the business are satisfied. Diversity would help the company to fully maximize the products in terms of their values and lifespan. Concerning its target market, the company should not only reach out to its potential customers internationally but it should also ensure high quality of sales and as much offer the best post-sales services to its customers.

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