Application of Ethics to Project Discipline Engineering

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This project comes in hand with several benefits, by improving the gas-powered vehicles to electric powered trains, the pollution to the environment reduces, it will have enough range to finish its routes and cheaper with affordable prices to the users. Since this project is an improvement of the previous gas-powered jeep, its objective is to develop a reliable electric powered system with no increase in the size of the framework of the vehicle. The team participating in the moral improvement and study of the development of the pink jeep tours’ vehicles ensures that despite the improvements applied to the vehicle, does not affect the normal operation of the vehicles instead. The point in this study is to improve the gasoline vehicles to the electrically driven trains that do not emit any pollutant to the environment.

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The electrically driven trains subjected to minimum repair, therefore; it will be available most of the time making it more reliable with maximum time providing tour services. For the development of the services about the project. Some moral actions had to apply to the agreement. In a scenario of the Public Safety and Welfare that incurred during the time of agreeing with the company owner. I lead a team of six able and creative men and three innovative women. The company had to be convinced of our services and innovation, but before our project activation, the company had to do an audit and quality assurance services that could define the level of public safety and assure the users of the train whether it could be safe for usage.

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Despite the fact that the electrically powered train project benefits the owner, before making its services available the engineer responsible for the innovation have to consider the fact that it will satisfy the user's interests first. The electrically powered train benefits the clients more compared to the fuel driven trains, this is because of the reduced costs, more reliable and environment-friendly compared to the fuel made trains. In the scenario of the public safety and welfare, the ethical code of considering integrity and the interest of the client applies when the chairperson of the company that is yet to register the project requests for the quality and safety assurance to the developed project. This activity in the professional field ensures the clients using the product secured and their interests considered at first.

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On the other hand, the professional ethical code also dictates the engineers to be competitive and work with integrity and honesty. The utilitarian ethical theory proposed by John Stuart states that the happiness or the pleasure of the people in a community is of importance to the development of the society. In the professional field, this theory is relevant when every professional career leads to happiness and not harm to the community. This theory can, therefore, relate to the scenario of the public safety and welfare. The electrically powered train satisfies this ethical theory since it is responsible for the happiness of the clients using the train because it is environment-friendly and reliable thus people enjoy using the services. Duty based ethical theory proposed by Immanuel Kant suggests that every individual must accomplish.

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