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I was motivated to find out how the radio works and that is how my interest in electrical engineering started. Now that I am adult, I have come to learn so many things about electrical engineering that have helped cement my interest in the subject and I believe I am going to be an exceptional innovator of electrical gadgets. It is my plan to study electrical engineering and later specialize in mechatronics. Mechatronics is a new field that combines electrical engineering and mechanical engineering and other disciplines like computer programming and software engineering to develop complex reliable systems (Bajpai and Sushant 73). This will help me contribute in creating equipment that will make life easier. Occupational outlook handbook stipulates that the median annual wage for electrical engineers stood at $94,210 as at May 2016 (Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.

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S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, Electrical and Electronics Engineers). On the other hand, information from the Michigan Technical University College of Engineering provide that electrical engineers earn different median wages depending on their experience in the industry. According to the colleges website, the median salary for entry level electrical engineers is $67,550 while the top ten percent of experience electrical engineers net an average of $149,040 annually. My Financial Future as An Electrical Engineer After having the projections and details about an electrical engineer’s career from the occupational outlook handbook, the Texas reality check (Texas Reality Check) helps provide a glimpse of how life would be. According to Texas reality check, electrical engineering does not only involve design, developing, testing and supervising the manufacture of electrical equipment, it also involves the installation of such devices.

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Therefore, an electrical engineer one must prepare of possible technical work in their capacity as engineers in whatever body they are employed with. Living as an engineer, I expect my monthly expenses to be in the region of $3745. When this is calculated annually inclusive of tax (Texas Reality Check) my average annual expenditure would be about $56,175. Oakland is great because I would earn the over $100,000 annually (CNN money). On the other hand, I would love to work and live in Phoenix because housing and utilities cost much less than in Houston at 5% and 9% respectively (CNN money). My Contribution to The Community Through Volunteering I believe that I have an obligation to give back to the community. This can be made possible through spending time volunteering in various charity organizations.

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Through volunteering I hope to learn and perfect my soft skills that would be useful in the office and the community at large. I, therefore believe I will become a successful electrical engineer. Conclusion Electrical engineering is my dream career, and nothing excites me more than the fact that I am on the right trajectory of realizing this dream. My main career goal is to be able to pursue mechatronics and blend it with computer programing. This will give me a great opportunity to directly involve in creative programs that can be used to run electronic devices. This journey is not going to be easy because I will have to sacrifice having a family until I earn my doctorate in mechatronics and degree in computer science.

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