Marketing Mix for Food and Restaurant Companies

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The demand of the company's products is mostly influenced through the use of these controllable marketing tools leading to a specific response in the market behavior towards the products and services of the institution (Lamb, Hair & McDaniel, 2012). In this paper, our emphasis will be on comparing the marketing mix strategies used by two companies in the sale of their products and services. A comparison between the two companies shall be analyzed through their pricing, placement, promotion, and product to evaluate the various dynamics associated with their market demands and supply. In this paper, our focus will be on Fast food restaurant companies in the United States. McDonalds and Subway companies will be our pivot point in our discussions. On the other hand, Subway as an American company works as a franchise company with restaurants serving fast foods globally.

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The company is privately owned and run by Doctor's Associates, Inc through the use of sophisticated use of strategies to ensure that the company meets its market demands besides making a breakthrough in this competitive fast food and restaurant industry. Through serving submarine sandwiches and salads, the company has been able to create a pool of loyal customers through the use a unique marketing mix strategy. Similar companies such as McDonald's, KFC and Burger King have created a need for Subway to improvise a personalization strategy for the sale of its products and services. Some of these involve the provision of quality products and presence of franchisee support giving it an opportunity to create a strong base. Due to the global nature of the restaurant, the company has a varied menu that ensures international customers are well catered.

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These items tend to vary based on the myriad of factors affecting the demand and supply if their products across the globe. The global menu of the organization includes foods like Chicken Teriyaki, Roasted Chicken, Meatball Marinara, Veggie Delite, Italian BMT, Steak and Cheese, Tuna, and Subway Club. Besides the similarities in products and services offered by McDonalds and Subway, the two differentiate themselves concerning the differentiated strategies in product and service approach. McDonald's is well-known globally for its burgers while Subway for the sandwiches. The products and services of this firm are sold in many main places such as the kiosks, restaurants, McDonald's mobile app, and the Postmates website and app. The distribution of its products and services through these mechanisms has helped it reach numerous customers at their comforts.

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The products and services of the can are accessed and ordered directly by use of the mechanisms listed above making it reliable and convenient to the new and old customers. The locations of these point of sale for their products are can be found using the listed points (Meyer, 2017). The similarity in distribution mix is evident in Subway company. Subway, on the other hand, is a pure franchise business hence opening a branch involves the payment of the franchise fee for the brand name of the opened outlet. The area where the outlet has to be set is essential given that its thresholds have to be met. According to this franchise company, the opening needs to be taken in premium areas as evidenced by success by those opened in non-traditional places.

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The promotional Mix used by McDonalds and Subway Both McDonalds and Subway are using promotional mix strategy to promote their products and services. The activity is done with an objective of attracting more customers into buying the organizational goods and services. The company's slogan of "Eat Fresh" has contributed to the attraction of customers into purchasing the product and services of the organization. Unlike the McDonalds, the company has gone a higher step of using sports personalities and health organizations to showcase the products offered by the institution (Mueller, 2011). Price in the Marketing Mix as used by McDonalds and Subway The McDonald's pricing is tactical. They tend to combine prince bundling together with psychological pricing technique. The tow techniques tend to be used cumulatively attracting customers to do their sales with the company.

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