Approaches taken by different Organizations on Outbreak of Ebola in West Africa

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This is because it is caused by a virus believed to have originated from a family of filoviridae.  According to the studies and reports, it has been termed as the deadly disease. It has claimed many lives within a period of short time2. Ebola is an old disease but the recent outbreak in the year 2013 surprised the health organizations. Before it was announced by the World Health Organization in the year 2014, it had spread to most countries especially the West African. In the approach to this problem, epidemic, it started by providing essential facilities which are aimed at improving the situation. For instance, it has provided services such as sanitation and delivery of high hygienic water5. These services have been taken to the areas which are most affected.

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In addition, the organization has deployed health officers who are professionals in different fields concerning health6. This is to make sure its spreading is minimized. For its uniqueness in terms of operation, it opened the treatment center in Kenema which is located in Sierra Leone. This was the first treatment center ever opened.   As there are several ways through which Ebola can be spread, The Red Cross has deployed over four thousand specialists in health aimed at managing the burial procedures9. The procedures involved leads to spread of the disease as it involves, washing of the body and even kissing. To curb this, the specialists above have been hired not only to manage but also to give services such as psychosocial and efforts of prevention10.

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To add on, the organization also has ensured delivery of sanitary services. Despite this, the organization has done a marvelous job by launching radio programs14. This is done so as to pass information by sharing it with the entire population. Also, to give precautions on how one can avoid Ebola from landing on him or her15. Finally, the radio program helps in giving directions on what is supposed to be done if the diseases catch them. Third form the last is the Caritas Internationalis organization. Originally, it was located in West Africa to offer solutions for the HIV epidemic. Due to the emergence of another deadly disease than the HIV/AIDS, they opted to change their role and starting approaching the outbreak of Ebola19.

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It had has volunteers who are responsible for eliminating the disease. In response to the epidemic, it had already all the tools. Up to date, the organization has not terminated its operation and service to the Liberians. They have taken a step of supplying leaflets having Do’s and Don’ts for treating Ebola to the medical health officers available. It has also geared on promoting education on measures of preventing Ebola from spreading24. Furthermore, it is campaigning on change of behavior which numbered as a way of spreading the disease.       Lastly on the organizations is the Samaritans Purse. Also, they make sure the affected people both children and adults are well catered for. They duties towards their role are almost the same even though they differ.

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First, looking at the organizations like Oxfam International, Caritas, the United Nations Fund for Children, and the Red Cross, their operations are the same. For instance, they all provide hygienic water and sanitation services to the affected communities27. Also, the organizations such as UNICEF, IRC, Samaritans Purse, and the Red Cross. Their operations are different from organizations such as Caritas, Oxfam, AfriCare and Samaritans Purse. These bodies are not stable enough and their quest to prevent and control spread of Ebola is curtailed. They provide the basic needs, offering education to the affected and finally opening programs aimed at training the volunteers30. From this, it is very clear that these organizations are not in a position to open up their own treatment centers and supporting health centers which are country based.

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   (iii)                 Their Coordination Form their perspective of operation and collaboration, the organizations seem not to have any conflicts towards one another. In addition to the approaches taken, the organizations should collaborate with each other and also with the country based health centers. This is to ensure proper delivery of services to the communities affected. Finally, each and every organization should be willing to help and if pressed to the corner and above their strengths call for help from other organizations. Referencing List Arwady, M. A. , Hensley, L. E. and Monroe, B. Evolution of Ebola virus disease from exotic infection to global health priority, Liberia, mid-2014.  Emerging infectious diseases, 21(4), p. L. , Eisenberg, M. C. , Williams, G. , Amarah, P. , Jacob, S. , Brett-Major, D.

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