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Explicit and Implicit Mission and Values 5 4. The Literature on Socio-Cultural Context and Impacts on Stakeholders 5 5. Methodology 8 6. Analysis 8 7. Conclusion and recommendations 10 8. As a result, its business foundation remains firm, with future projections of improved revenue due to its unmatched reputation. History The history of Qantas Airways dates back to November 16, 1920, when the company was founded by three businessmen namely; Fergus McMaster, Hudson Fysh, and Paul McGinness. During this period, QANTAS (Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services) Limited, had only the Avro 504K as its major aircraft. The company’s original headquarter was also located in Winton before the director’s decision to move to Longreach in Queensland. In the course of its operation, Qantas formed a partnership with Imperial Airways of Britain in 1934 and started operating under the business name Qantas Empire Airways Limited (Qantas, 2018).

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As a leading market shareholder, the company has ventured both in the domestic and international services, as well as the regional markets (Kemp and Dwyer 2003: p, 635). Additionally, Qantas Airways is aiming at providing excellent Freight services to its customers who are transporting business utilities. In its daily operations, Qantas strives to uphold its vision by establishing supporting values such as the spirit of togetherness, promotion of innovations, the operation of genuine businesses, optimism and enhancing employees’ experience. On the other hand, the company Jetstar also implements its values such as the promotion of safe and responsible services, teamwork, achievement of passion and enjoyment, the operation of a genuine business, and achievement of all-time efficiency. The Literature on Socio-Cultural Context and Impacts on Stakeholders As the flag carrier of Australia, it is expected that Qantas Airways demonstrates responsible market practices and also promote the socio-cultural context of its domestic market.

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Another significant socio-cultural involvement of Qantas Airways is their continued campaign for marriage equality. The company’s directors maintain that they recognize LGBTIQ issues and therefore, as an international brand, they are responsible for advocating for each one’s right despite their sexual orientations. Qantas Airways have even flown the LGBTIQ flag and supplied pride cookies to its passengers in support of their mission. As part of appreciation to its customers, the company offers both business and economy class cabins for its passengers. It is also established that Qantas Airways abolished serving of pork in its Dubai-bound airlines as a show of respect to the Muslim passengers. Staff members at Qantas are also privileged to a high level of remunerations as compared to their competitors.

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The company encourages teamwork and diversification of skills as its key values. Therefore, individuals who get lucky to be part of this organization are likely to perform better in their careers than their counterparts in other airlines (Hunter2006: p, 316). Lastly, the company’s group of investors has demonstrated their satisfaction with the business strategies adopted by Qantas. It is well observed that since its inception in 1920, the company has been on a winning streak, recording revenue improvements for every subsequent financial year (Hatch, 2017). Additionally, Australian and Chinese authorities consented to an open skies deal which has helped Qantas to ply new routes without restrictions. In the domestic market, the Australian government has always assisted Qantas Airways to recover from its financial hitches, especially in 2014 when the company was allowed to outsource funds from international shareholders (Barbot, Costa and Sochirca 2008: p, 275).

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In terms of economic analysis, it is reported that operations of Qantas Airways have been hindered in the past due to emerging liberal aviation policies. These regulations have also affected the success of other domestic airlines in Australia. However, as a reprieve, Qantas business success have been contributed to by the events of declining oil prices even though market volatility has negatively impacted some operations (Grant et al, 2014: p, 29). As an alternative measure, the company is adopting sustainable operations which will assist in reducing environmental pollution. Conclusion and recommendations Therefore, it can be observed that Qantas Airways remains as the most dominant flight’s operator in Australian. Since the company’s inception in 1970, it has managed to sustain economic fluctuations by diversifying its operations and exploring new markets.

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Additionally, this company has demonstrated desirable qualities of a market leader by encouraging inclusivity, sponsoring local sporting activities and promoting Australia’s tourism market. As a result, the company stands an advantage for government support whenever its operations are affected. Qantas could start paying corporate tax again after $607 million profit. ABC News. Obtained from http://www. abc. net. Sydney Morning Herald https://www. smh. com. au/business/companies/qantas-delivers-secondhighest-profit-ever-20170824-gy3o47. html [Accessed on August 22, 2018]. Strategic Management Journal, 28(4), pp. Qantas, 2018. Qantas Airways. Obtained from https://www. qantas. com/business/qantas [Accessed on August 22, 2018].

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