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Some of the Italian musicians have begun to develop and incorporate different musical forms that would improve the musical works of the period. At the beginning the baroque did not exhibit an impact on English until much later than other regions of Europe, some of the best painters who come up with the best artistic works have come out to expose their works and let the world know of their existence during hard times and even during their transformations. Painting has been one of the most developed art in most parts of Europe and also most of the artists combine this works with music in order to give a clear meaning and sense. Gerald Ter paintings have been understood as domestic narratives, he used to elaborate its works in such a way that someone could easily understand and give a positive review.

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Among the first and the proactive of his works in a group that features ladies that are dressed in bright and shinning colors to give the picture of the current girl. The lacemaker actually light composes itself in some conflicting ways, this is because the painting image is so attractive that it is easily recognizable. Vermeer’s made a painting on the Lacemaker depicting a woman deep concentration. The woman holding bobbins and pins in her hand bending over her craftwork. The Lacemaker is an oddity in Vermeer’s oeuvre. Being the smallest work, measuring nine by eight inches and purposely the only one among two of the paintings he ever made on wood panel. He also uses the lighting effect, this differentiate his work from the rest of the painting thus becomes outstanding.

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A painting “girl with a pearl earring” made in 1665 by Vermeer’s it’s an iconic paintings and very famous in the universe. The girl in the painting is very beautiful and has a look like that of a model that gives the painting so much personality of glamour. Around the picture of this young woman has quite some romance symbolizing the impact of the beauty in the painting and clear clarification of what is being communicated. The earring gives the clarity more power to pass on the message. However, Ter Borch ladies in satin had a different perspective on the interpretation of the art, over the years it have been diverse and contradictory in a manner that it requires the experts opinions on the kind of information that might with it.

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All of his paintings feature young men or women who are at the marriageable age from a society which is seems to be a high age society, the figure indeed attracts attention. The strength of this image become more appealing as compared to the traditional high life, people would easily consider the impact of the high end image as that of the tradition. The importance of the light colored basic gown is in order to correspond to the modish attire of the period so that people can appreciate the current period and be accepted in the society , it is symbolic because of his appearance and shinning glowing color which gives the realization of the most eloquent and admirable character. From the twenty first century perspective it can be argued that Borch fabric do not necessarily meet the required and the society standards hence notwithstanding the society critics as to how it should be conducted and more so the rate of impact to the society, this would actually lead to the manifestation of the whole recording.

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