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It is clear that the statue is durable and strong withstanding all of environment and weather changes. In comparison with this most of the standing Buddha are from south Asia as it is stated in the 18th century. This standing Buddha is sculptured using the specific Greek technique of making hands and sometimes the feet which is used to increase its realistic effect. The rest of the body is made of bronze. Therefore, it is clear that the sacred scripture of standing Buddha existed first from the museum of fine arts in Houston which had some precise information that focused in its image based on material, patronage and some of the vital interest of focus which differentiates it from the others.

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In this view, our primary goal of conducting this research paper of Buddha was to focus on its illustration based on patronage and matter which was different from other Buddha’s. Also, it is in this excellent position of helping one to know more of what Buddha was and some of the effects on those who live with this culture like in Asia nations and India. However, due to this, we may retrieve some of the critical impacts on the object which is tied towards our investigation of religion in different nations. The verdict of Buddhism has occurred in Asia and India in 6th century BCE and extent broadly hence charming one of significant cultural and spiritual force over different people in the nation.

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Most of this image information will be used to give an overview of the relationship between people of ancient Asia and India who merely have their daily focus on Buddha. Today, it is clear that a wide variety of examples remain on the focus of some of this civilization of standing Buddha as they give some valuable segment of the Asian market. It is also clear that utmost of its illustration differs from other Buddha as its information is dated and interpreted widely in many different styles and materials. Most of the artisan has used different “stuff,” but this is different as it comes from the bronze type of statue. According to some of the believers, it is clear that some of the sculptures were favored on various sculptural flexibility as their medieval was of most exceptional bronze caster which is rare to get in the world.

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Today most the people illustrate this Buddha sculpture are usually the best and attractive in the market due to its display and style and materials used to make it (Williams 372). For instance, representation of standing Buddha has different symbols and descriptions which vary from a nation to the other as most of its image depicts different articulation based on artistic inspiration. It is clear that in most of the information given, this statue has some indicative important which lies on the focus on different people. Most of the interview that was conducted shows clear that different people who were living in Asian and India reserves had some necessary information of standing Buddha based on its display and style. According to analysis, it is clear that the evidence of this small statue constitutes utmost 55% of different believers who believe in the statue.

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Also, some of the materials used were accountable of strictly to 25% of people’s illustration. Some of its significance had mystical powers in it which brought in remarkable wisdom towards that pervasive mind that was surrounded by other spiritual beliefs of the statue (Hsu & Sully 126). Most of the material that had some symbolic knowledge of holy which is intensifying in the whole sculpture. In accordance with most of its style in the art was more of religious as they some symbolic form of super knowledge that people had and that surrounded most of their prophet during the same period. Also, sculptor translation of Buddha scripture and statue were diverse as their intellectual view was of the devotee in giving some of the styles which were bound in the display.

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In the glance, it is clear that standing Buddha has some different forms of dimensions which accompany most of its symbols as it has seen in its hairstyle. However, a particular view of people was against it as they inflicted it as being of having no value which results in condemnation and this accounted for almost 15% of the total population. It is therefore clear that most believers have some inherent liminality of the image which might lead to its accessibility as it has been in the museum. It is clear that most of the information that has been given in this standing “Buddha,” has some indicative outcome which levels the relationship of different people who have the display of the same image.

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