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The paper is concerned with establishing the external and internal factors that surrounds its functionality. Through the use of SWOT analysis, it got established that there are certain prevailing factors both internal and external that drive or will contribute to its functions in the future. There should, however, be careful handling of these factors to provide for an efficient service delivery by the hospital. Introduction Bellevue hospital is a healthcare facility in America that has a historical form on its presence. It is one of the biggest public hospitals in America that was founded in 1736. In taking into consideration this aspect, the government sponsorship and control has allowed the hospital to be able to venture into its service providence towards the people.

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This is what has seen the hospital run all those years efficiently without much uproar and continues to survive in its provision. Historical relevance: The realization of the historical relevance or existence of an institution drives to undertake a defining objective towards the agenda and its implementation. The Bellevue hospital has a deep history in the American analogy since the 18th century. Having been built upon as the first hospital in the country and inception to handling the less fortunate within the society, the hospital is well equipped in matters to handle the population and their needs. Having been provided with such perceptions and the number of people the workers serve, a mode of laxity has been experienced within the Bellevue hospital since no much of control or supervision is exercised,(Mosadeghrad, 2014).

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The health providers have taken into their personal obligation to offer service the way they wish and thus tainting the image of the hospital. It has been the weakness towards ensuring quality service provision by the government institution to its citizens. Opportunities Emergence of new technological methodologies: The current world resolves to operate under the advanced technological changes and that which offer to provide quality and high rate of service delivery. The healthcare industry has not been left out in undertaking such changes that will help in bringing efficiency in service delivery, (McCarthy, & Mueller, 2008). Their efficient service delivery and lesser queues is posting to attract patients from the Bellevue hospital towards them and thus crippling down the functionality of the hospital.

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Recommendation Looking at the SWOT analysis, it provides an insight that drive the functionality way of the Bellevue hospital and its continued service delivery to the population. The hospital should take advantage of the strengths as well as the opportunities to ensure efficient delivery of the service. Also caution should be taken to handle the weaknesses and threats that pose to appear for the business. However, with no immediate solution provided to certain shortcomings, there needs to occur a research that will help in identifying ways that would ensure the threats and weaknesses are eliminated as well as on how to impact more with the enjoyed strengths and opportunities. J. The New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation: Transforming a public safety net delivery system to achieve higher performance.

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