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Joplin later moved with together with his family to a newly established town called Texarkana which was situated at the border of Texas-Arkansas. It is here where he got access to piano when he started learning music with it. Joplin attended Lincoln High School in the late 1880s the same time he is said to have started his musical career. Scott Joplin started showing his musical career in the year 1891 while he was at Texarkana. During this year he partnered with so many other bands that were more popular then. The maple leaf rag has been usually associated with the city of Sedalia which is in Missouri. However, some people say that there is no single information to associate him with permanent residence there.

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Sources also suggest that it is possible for maple leaf rag to be associated with maple leaf club since Joplin used to perform in that club. However, reports indicate that there may be also other sources of the name emanating from in and around Sedalia. The publishing of the rag is said to have taken place in between 10th of August and September 20, 1899. Good coordination has also been keenly employed in the performance of this piece so as to make it a successful one. For instance, good coordination should be kept in the left hand of a performer and also involve leaps of two octaves, (Dutkanicz, & David, 2012). Therefore, this coordination made other composers consider maple leaf rag as most difficult one of the time.

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Scott Joplin seems to have been much pleased with the structure of “Maple Leaf Rag” such that he opted to be deducing some pieces from it while composing his other works that came after, (A First Book of Ragtime, 2012). “Maple Leaf Rag” Lyrics When reviewing maple leaf rag song lyrics, it is good to understand that the lyrics were written after its publication in 1899 and thus Joplin did not write them. The documented information shows that Joplin would have been earning an income of six hundred dollars in the year 1909, A First Book of Ragtime, (A First Book of Ragtime, 2012). The popularity of maple leaf rag is also seen in the orchestrated dance bands and other bands comprised of brass. Therefore, maple leaf rag also gave popularity to other pieces that came after such that they sold the same way maple it did.

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The maple leaf rag is documented to have earned Joplin a living for the rest of his life. The popularity of maple leaf rag is also credited to other composers who lived prior 1920 like Wilbur Sweatman and the United States Military Band. Newburyport: Dover Publications, 2012. Internet resource. Joplin, Scott, and Maurice Hinson. Scott Joplin at the Piano. Van Nuys, Calif.

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