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In this document a comparison of two films is done; the Blade Runner and The Wicker Man. Points are then distinguished which illustrates the imagination of the story, why the life of some characters in the film might work better on stage during the performance of some videos and tittle selections which can work better for the films rather than a theatre. Blade Runner has the main actor Rick Deckard who was a retired police officer. He is detained then brought back to his supervisor who instructs him to track down some human beings who have been manipulated. He termed them as replicants in the movie. This will aid inaudibility of the performances on stage. The sergeant is depicted as a staunch Christian who does not want to get involved in earthly and ungodly issues.

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He refuses to give in to the landlords’ daughter who tries to seduce him so that he wouldn’t remain a virgin anymore. This depicts him as being courageous. If he could withstand the ungodliness of the islands and stick to his own beliefs, this means that even during stage performances he can outstand to be the most courageous. Courage at all times will always lead to a good stage performance. With courageous performers, be assured of a large audience. Nobody would ever love to attend a theatre where the players and actors are never courageous. One can just imagine how boring such a play would be. Deckard is also viewed to be a critical thinker and views more on his mind.

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But there are some questions which remain unanswered about them. We find some characters that the viewer’s thought to have died resurfacing in other episodes. The actors are also made to look much younger and pretty in common movies. Questions are asked how the filmmakers brought back 2019 Rachael in the play. This shows the creativity the filmmakers. The film wicker man at some point also has some dilemma. We find a sergeant who is from a Christianity background is set to a pagan and idolatry island. The viewer’s remain focused on what going to next. They wonder if the sergeant going to be influenced to join these evil groups. The burning of the sergeant in The Wicker Man also points out some dilemma.

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The better the title the more the audience gets attracted. The title selection of the films is just excellent. Was it my own performance, I would call the Blade Runner brand name ‘a world of replicants’. This would be my preferred title for the film. This is because the film and throughout its plot is just about replicants. Neil finds himself in The Wicker Man statute as a sacrifice. Rick Deckard also sets to the earth to eliminate the bioengineered beings. This can attract a single common title for the two movies. ‘Unknown destination’, could serve best since both characters are seen to leave to missions with unknown endings. Film and theatres have differences in the audience. These two films are films that are rich in great character traits that can be applied and used by actors.

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