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Don Vito Corleone is the head of the criminal family empire welding immense control and protection. A failed assassination attempt lead by Virgil’s men leaves Don Vito Corleone hospitalized. This action propels the Don Vito Corleone’s two sons into the leadership of the family business with the help of the Tom Hagen an adopted son as a counselor. Sonny’s losses of his life in the ensuing full-scale war between the mafia families while Michael as protégé of his father controls his family business. Michael strives to lead his own Americanized life, protecting his family from the wars of the mafia business while eliminating the enemies such as his brother in law Carlo Rizzi. The Italian distinct culture, food, music, and principle of family is elaborated during the wedding ceremony.

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The immense number of favor request are in line with the Italian beliefs and traditions that a “Sicilian cannot turn down offers on his daughter’s wedding”. Michael utilizes the wedding to introduce his girlfriend and future wife to the criminal organization and dealing with the family, elaborating on his father’s criminal life. Sonny’s hot temperedness and lack of character as the next don is displayed by his sexual exploits with one of the bridesmaids Lucy while Tom Hagen the adopted son who despite lacking blood relations with the other brothers, is groomed by Don to be counsellor to the family. The exchange of gifts mostly in cash and prized possession as explained by Tom when informing Don of Senator Cauly and the Judges’ presents is a means of showing presence and untainted relationship with the Corleone family.

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Shortly after the meeting, Don Corleone is shot in an assassination attempt outside his office, the inefficiency of the Fredo Corleone is highlighted by his fumbling and inability to shot at the attackers leading his killing by the family. Sollozo abducts Tom and uses him to send negotiation terms to Sonny for the narcotics deal. This leads to a full-fledged war between the Tattaglia family who have the support of Virgil Sollozzo and the Corleone family as Sonny orchestrates the killing of Bruno Tattaglia and Don Phillip Tattaglia. Opinion In my opinion, the meeting scenery depicted the changing and disruption of the normal guards and operation in the Corleone family business. The shift in allegiance and loyalty are as result of the tectonic movement with the mafia operations.

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Meanwhile, Michael elaborated that the illegal interaction between McCluskey and the drug dealer are a perfect abstraction for the killings and such as act would not position the family business in the harm way against the government or police department. Clemenza a key principal in don Corleone Business Empire and support the audacious move of Michael a former military man as he is perceived as a civilian with no interest in the family mafia business. Clemenza helps plant the gun in the bathroom as well as design it to hide the fingerprint. He advises Michael to leave the gun at the murder site. After the shooting, Michael goes into hiding as the act spiral into street gun fight and war by the five mafia families again the prominent Corleone mafia family as well as government.

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