Mean Girls and Adolescence

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Cognitive and social changes also occur. There is a change in how adolescent view situations compared to their childhood perceptions. Social changes which touch on the relationship between the adolescents and their peers, parent, and siblings are also evident in the movie. Physical development Several physical developments occur during adolescence. These changes depend on the gender and may vary from one individual to another. Boys also experience physical changes during adolescence. They start growing body hair. The most visible body hair is the beard which can be seen in several male characters. Their voice may also become coarse. All the male characters in the movie possess a more coarse voice compared to those of the female characters in the movie. She recalls that in the animal kingdom, she would jump at her and start fighting her.

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However, she restrains herself and comments that the hair looked better indeed in pushed back hairstyle. Cognitive development in the adolescent stage also allows individuals to think creatively rather than approaching situations in a crude, childish manner. Cady realizes that Regina was not as friendly as she had appeared to be. Regina comes between her and Haron. She cannot hold her bitterness and begins crying. In an attempt to calm her, Caren suggests that they go to Taco Bell and have fun. Regina turns her anger on her and shouts at her. “I can’t go to Taco Bell… I am on a diet; God damn Caren, you are soo stupid!” Karen’s who was originally happy with a smile on her face changes when Regina tells her that she was stupid.

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Children at adolescence also become conscious about their physical appearance and how this would influence how people view them. Their interpretation grows with them as they get old. Originally Cady is not concerned about the effect of her actions on how the people around hr will feel. Cady got irritated when Regina started showing interests on Haron, her former boyfriend when she told her that he was interested in making him her boyfriend. Regina tries all she can to prevent them from getting into a relationship. Regina finally gets back into a relationship with Haron. Relationships Adolescents like spending most of their time with their friend and less of it with family members (Cooper and Cooper jr. Cady is made to choose between spending time with her friend and going t a concert with her parent she chooses the former.

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Regina was irritated when her fellow ‘plastics’ could not share the table with her because she was wearing a sweat pant on Monday which was against the rules they had set for themselves. In return, Regina refuses to drive them home in the evening as she was used to. The three girls had to spend time with each other. For example, Cady kisses Haron when he goes over to her home to help her in mathematics. Cohort effects Peer pressure plays an important role in shaping behavior during adolescence. The environment in which a child is exposed to during adolescence influences how their behavior (Blakemore, 2008). When unchecked, peer pressure can lead to socially undesirable behavior such as alcoholism and drug abuse.

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