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Use of drugs makes people behave in a wired manner and most of the time they prefer to be alone where nobody can stop them from doing the things that make them feel good. The teenagers are the most affected population on the use of drugs this may result due to peer influence or even stressful situation that one is undergoing through. Many individuals believe that using drugs or alcohol is the easiest way to relieve stress and get the pleasure of their own despite the drugs having some serious effects on their body. The tend to ignore its side effects and the harm it causes to both their bodies and the people close to them. Addiction is shown in many series and television movies.

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After school, Johnny would go to the shop to make his money and get cocaine. The method that the boss used to pay Johnny made him be addicted to cocaine which is a drug. The mob boss knew what he was doing by that since he wanted to gain the trust of Johnny so that he can use him to transfer cocaine or rather sell the drugs for him ("Cocaine," 2016). How the addiction physically affected the person involved. Johnny Depp started to live a different kind of lifestyle. Issues with his father were mainly due to the frequent use of drugs. His relationship with his parents was destroyed and never at any point did he have a good time with his family.

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This was as a result of addiction. The only time that Johnny communicated with his parents is when he was in jail and he needed their help. The mob was not really there for him and he resulted to call his parent for help. He was later tested positive of Human Immunodeficiency Virus. This is because he was using dirty needles to inject himself the drug. He infected his wife the virus and at the end, he was killed due to cigarettes (another addiction) in prison. The long term health problems made him suffer and struggle to live before being killed. He transferred his diseases to his innocent wife who was always there for him although he used to sell drugs and misuse it uncontrollably.

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Detoxication (detox) also referred to as detoxification is the most important method to cure individuals who can either be addicted to drugs or alcohol. Detoxification is a medicinal way or process of removing harmful substances from a living organism such as the body of a human being and is mostly carried out by the liver. Detox will make an individual go back to homeostasis after using an addictive substance for a very long period of time. Detoxification can be a challenging method to an addicted individual since the person will feel uncomfortable and have withdrawal symptoms that might make them feel like hurting themselves. Residential treatment is another method that will help the addicted individual cope and at least stop taking harmful substances.

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This clearly shows how an addict feels that is the low and high moments hence addiction can be stressful to cope with at times especially when one start to show some serious symptoms and getting dangerous diseases (Searle & Bingham-Walker, 2016). Addiction not only affects the individual but his family members as well as his or her friends. In most cases, addiction can make an individual to be a cross addiction a situation which he or she cannot control very easily. It is up to the family members and friends of the addict to find out the most effective and significant method of treatment to the patient. Both parties (family and friends) must team up without losing hope on saving their beloved. , … Warner Home Video (Firma).

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