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In many instances, society views those include blue collar jobs as school dropouts and ones that do not require literacy trio do their jobs. However, by close observation and interaction with these individuals, the author makes an essential revelation that changes the minds of many about the education and literacy capacity of workers in blue collar jobs. Machine learning and advancements in robot technologies are directly competing with the workers for the Blue collar jobs in America, making them vulnerable to losing their jobs. Currently, millions of people work as blue-collar employees and form the backbone of the American economy. In this essay, it will be essential to explore the aspect of blue collar jobs regarding skills the blue skill workers require to improve and match the increasing demand for blue collar jobs at workplaces. I have the confidence that I will develop a great piece of writing which cover the major areas of study and which strikes a good argument about the blue collar jobs and the formal school learned the type of jobs. I look forward to your comments. Regards, Bittu K Dr. Sylvester Bittu Kumar Draft Essay Up-skilling blue-collar workers Introduction Blue-collar workers have become the most significant resource and a backbone of the American economy. According to Mike Rose's essay known as "Blue-Collar Brilliance," the world views the manual work as reserved for the uneducated (Rose, p. However, rose disregards this and proves that both the workers in blue collar jobs and those in white collar jobs have the vital intellectual capacity that makes them perform their duties.

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He observes that manual labor such as working in restaurants, plumber work; mechanics; carpentry and saloon modeling have exceptional skills and ways of communication and bringing an unmatched final product that is a result of learning (Rose, p. Rose brings about real-life experiences about the expertise and competence he saw through the work of his mother and uncle. Therefore, based on these experiences, the paper will critically analyse the belief that blue collar jobs have better-skilled workers regarding intelligence, skills, and knowledge that enable them to undertake these jobs efficiently. Upskilling of blue-collar jobs The automation of labour in a company will allow a drop in the production cost and create more profit margins. Thus, such a company will afford to remunerate blue-collar workers with higher wages for fewer work hours.

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The worker's life will improve as they will get enough time for family and personal engagement. Also, blue-collar workers who learn to operate the machinery, attain a level of skilled labourers. Therefore, companies should train their workers on skills such as computing, warehousing, repairing and maintaining new systems, supervising artificial intelligence to keep up with the era of automation. Additionally, up skilling will ensure that the blue-collar workers remain competitive in the labour market and retain their jobs. Therefore, he agrees to the fact the way these blue-collar workers manage high demanding jobs within a short duration of time is a real indication that they have amazing physical and mental strengths just like the educated or graduates jobs (Rose, p. Trends of blue-collar jobs in the United States Mike Rose has failed in his essay to suggest any better ways of improving the present conditions that blue-collar workers experience.

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According to the report titled "blue-collar jobs are booming in America" by Paul R. La Monica the blue-collar jobs are becoming increasingly popular among the citizens. For instance, in December of 2017, the construction sector in America added about 30,000 workers mostly in the electrical plumbing work (La Monica, p. If business processes are made more efficient it helps in improving unit economics and will benefit everyone, be it blue or white collar employees. The blue-collar workforce is an essential part of the economy of the United States and employs millions of families. In 2017, two million new jobs were added by Trump's administration due to strict visa policies and attention to the domestic manufacturing. But not much is being done to improve the present conditions of blue collar workers. They still receive the same ill-treatment, and many consider their work as mindless or a work that requires no intelligence.

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Through establishing such strategies, the industry will experience significant improvement and even attract many other people. The sector also needs to change from the present day notion that the jobs are for the mindless and should ensure there are inclusion and representation in all union and government ministries for effective and feasible operations of blue-collar workers. Formal education is essential, but learning how to practically apply the manual skills such as laundry, hairdressing, electricity connections, plumbing, and carpentry among others is equally important. Mike Rose's perception of how modern day society devalues the recognition of the blue collar is indeed true. Also, it is vital to improving the acceptance levels of blue-collar jobs to enable more individuals joining the workforce and earn a living. Ultimately, the provisions of these policies will significantly improve performance and health wellness of the blue-collar workers.

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Also, upskilling of the blue-collar workers will improve their lives through keeping the workers at par with the labor market in the era of automation and artificial intelligence. The experience first comes with a lot of mistakes, but gradually an individual evolves into a superb performer and can rise to higher ranks. Work cited Campbell Dennis, Case John, Fotsch Bill. More Than a Paycheck.

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