BPM and its Impacts on Productivity

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With that, this paper discusses and analyzes the results on descriptions of organizations and how productivity has been affected in Saudi Arabia. Besides, ways through which the productivity can be improved will also be discussed in the organizations based in Saudi Arabia. Analysis of the Outcomes for Saudi Arabian Organizations as described by AlShathry and how Productivity has been affected According to the research carried out by the AlShathry, many Saudi organizations have not fully been able to put into considerations the practice BPM as it is yet to mature. Due to this, the outcomes regarding their performance have been in doubt, (Laudon and Laudon, 2015).   For instance, according to the survey taken with the connection to the work output and attendance of different leaders from organizations, it is clear that the outcome of how the BPM works were new to people, (Maamar et al.

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In the article written by AlShathry, it is clearly shown that the ways of how the business should be conducted have improved following the training workshops, (Tashkandi and Jabri, 2015). The act has led to a decrease of managerial roles as compared to use of IT only in the market, (Harper, 2015). In this connection, there have been easy following of processes as they large number of them are machine generated, (Adekola and Sergi, 2016). On the other hand, productions have increased in no small amount as the procedures to be followed are computer oriented thus leading to an unlimited production of goods and services.    Furthermore, the new competent skills have been realized. With that, the workers were not in a position to remain behind, but instead, they gave there all, (Tashkandi and Jabri, 2015).

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The productivity, in this case, was seen to have moved to a higher level when compared to the past and when IT is only applied without the use of BPM. It was no surprise the managerial process in Saudi Arabian State, (Adekola and Sergi, 2016), had improved and shown a more significant commitment and interest in knowing about the process. Recommendations on how Productivity can be improved in the Saudi Arabian Countries             With the use of improved technology, many organizations have opted to use only Information and Technology in their daily operations leaving the new business management process behind. As it has been outlined above, productivity can only be increased when both IT and the BPM are combined. , & Househ, M. The association between computer literacy and training on clinical productivity and user satisfaction in using the electronic medical record in Saudi Arabia.

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