Bribery is a practice in contemporary business

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3 Governments Involvement ………………………………………………. 4 Fined Bribery Cases ……………………………………………………. 5 The FCPA …………………………………………………………………7 Conclusion ………………………………………………………………. 8 Bribery is a practice in contemporary business Introduction In organizational setup, there exist legal procedures that must be considered in performing any given task. Ideally that is how it should be but that is not always the case, as it is with bribery in organizational and international levels. In whatever form it may take, bribery is still an unfair practice that has led to lose of genuine aspect of contracts (Napal, 2005). Ethics, bribery and the Corruption aspect Ethics are installed code of operations in a given institution. Almost all businesses have their own percept of playing fair, without breaking the law (Cheng Wenhao, 2011). However, despite the prescription of ethics that every company claims to uphold, most of them act inadvertently opposite to whatever they do write down.

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This is specifically wrong and unimaginable from the top officials in a company. The point is, whatever done in closed doors, do remain behind closed doors. Most international business institutions have often made it possible to uphold their bribery deals and win contracts globally (Cheng Wenhao, 2011). Despite thrashing a just environment for business operations, the international corporates, notoriously known for the bribe game, have often made it clear that the system works their way and not the correct stipulated ways by various government institutions. However much it may seem to take this act is simply down playing the codes of business operations. Business Organizations and bribery Ethics and businesses are slowly drifting apart while corruption is strongly taking over (Cockcroft, 2018). Business operations that are bribery do take interest in include stealing business secrets and patented information.

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Of course every business has its own way of operating the in its niche. Competing businesses may at times require to use malicious gains against their rivals. Commonly, most businesses regard data protection and their success techniques as trade secrets (Lord, 2016). A single member of the business may compromise such information by literally handing it over to the opponents. With these deals on going the Alcatel company blatantly bribed the shell group of companies for complicated involvement in various complicated deals. The fine included a $45 million fine to the Federal SEC. The whistleblower in any bribery case is often the media or the unsatisfied parties, and of course this does work all the time. Another known case is where the Siemens AG company was involved in a bribery with Argentinian officials (Mohr, 2012).

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In the deal, Argentina was preparing identity cards to the Argentinian officials. KBR Inc. has been known to take up contracts with the military department. The company was in 2009 accused of bribing the Nigerian government official in a bid to secure a contract for building a gas plant. The deal did go through and the CEO admitted the charges when evidences were placed against the company. The company was later fined by the FCPA a tune of $ 402 million, when the company admitted its involvement in the graft. The company, going by the name ServiceMesh has remained quiet about the deal. The contract was for a technology worth millions of dollars. The probe is ongoing, and FCPA will surely have its way on the case as well.

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The FCPA The United States Federal government has already made it clear through its Foreign Corrupt Practices Act that bribery calls for punitive measures (Mark, 2012). The law mainly deals with international business that often offer bribes to obtain a business deal in foreign countries. The risks are high, just like many unscrupulous trades claim, the higher the risk the bigger the return. There several international bribery cases that are known globally. The known businesses have undergone sever punishments in terms of fines, notwithstanding their social and economic status. The business processes that have often involved the need to bribe and gone successful often make it a part of their legal operations while in reality it is very illegal. The FCPA has currently outlined its strict participation in rooting out the corrupt deals in foreign businesses, something that the fed has been fighting since the first bribery case of President Richard Nixon in the Watergate Scandal in the 1970s (Carey, 2015).

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In the case that they bought the contract, their completion timeline and the seriousness in the input is greatly compromised. The other affected area is the justice system. Bribery in any form undermines the operational mechanisms of any business law environment. References Bribery in International Business Transactions - FindLaw. Retrieved from https://corporate. Implementing international laws to fight business bribery: Case of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) anti-bribery convention. AFRICAN JOURNAL OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT, 5(32). Cockcroft, L. Bribery. Encyclopedia of Business and Professional Ethics, 1-3. American Business Law Journal, 49(3), 419-506. Mohr, A. (2012, May 15). The Biggest Bribe Cases In Business History. Retrieved from https://www. Understanding How Issues in Business Ethics Develop, 135-144. Shuy, R.  W. The manipulated bribery event of businessman Paul Manziel.

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