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Brief psychodynamic therapy depends on six features of practice including; client selection, formulation of individualized clinical focus such as negative feelings about oneself, a deliberate time limit that provides a sense of urgency and intensity, active detailed enquiry techniques, emphasis on termination stage in the case of limitations or loss in life, and finally goal setting which needs efficient use of time through setting of priorities. The psychodynamic therapy focuses on an intensive exploration of Stan’s past life experiences with an aim of changing the unconscious into conscious so that he will not be controlled by the unconscious forces any more. As he devotes his time to therapy, the understanding of his dynamic behavior increases and is able to see the connection between his current psychological problems and his childhood experiences (Howard, 2017).

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Stan’s case Stan is a young troubled man whose problems mainly stem from his low self-esteem which developed during his childhood. He attributes his problems to his family. In order to develop mutual respect and trust, the therapist pays attention to his client’s subjective experience and tries to get a sense of how the client has responded to the different turning points in his life. Stan is convinced that whenever he makes decisions, he ends up regretting the outcomes. Through a lifestyle assessment, the counselor collects information about Stan’s childhood years particularly his experiences with his family. The counselor explores the clients’ relationships with his family members, his role as a man, his feeling about himself and his work responsibilities.

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The counselor emphasizes on Stan’s priorities and goals in life. He also believes as a man, he should not show emotions. The therapy sessions increase Stan’s self-awareness and understanding which helps him to keep his feelings about his painful encounters in check. Following the continued emphasis on his goals and beliefs, Stan is able to see the inaccuracy in his private logic. Stan collaborates with his counselor to find alternative beliefs, actions and beliefs. Stan finally realizes that he doesn’t need to remain hooked to his past life experiences and that he possesses the power to change his life (Psychoanalytic Stan, 2018). The therapist makes Stan feel that he can confide all his feelings and experiences with the therapist.

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Stan is also allowed to suggest solutions for his problems. This is consistent with the requirement of the psychodynamic therapy that the counselor should not attempt to solve the client’s problems. The therapist also allows Stan to express his feelings without interrupting him. For instance, the therapist recommends that it is not a must for Stan to undertake his therapy all at once. Conclusion The case of Stan and his therapist provides a good basis upon which students and other therapists can learn on how to effectively apply brief psychodynamic therapy particularly using the Adlerian theory approach. References Adlerian Stan, (2018). You Tube. Retrieved from, https://www. youtube. , Hilsenroth, M. J. , Abbass, A. , Barber, J. P. wiley. com/doi/abs/10. 1093/clipsy.

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