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The decision model in the paper provides a recommended solution for the business which is then evaluated on the implications to the organization stability. Issue Finesse Consulting Company has established a remarkable brand seeking to ensure that they develop a link between business and professionals as an agency. The company is an external agency committed to providing successful recruitment and human resources function to enable their clients' access to the best talent in the market. The problem that occurred in the course of Finesse business was an instance when they had a candidate whom they had exclusivity over but the client which the organizations had contact with was known to the candidate. The candidate had an extensive knowledge of the client business and in their past engagements, they had met in several instances prior to the time we sought to help develop a meeting between the two.

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The parties in the engagement enjoyed a relationship and contact for the last twenty years hence making it challenging for them to take charge of the engagement which was their core business. Moreover, another cause was the failure of the Finesse Consulting Company to obtain any signature from the candidate as proof of having an engagement with the business. The signature would have established a contract between the candidate and the organization hence providing the foundation for the professional understanding thereby eliminating the risks experienced in the case. The business did not evaluate the course of their operations to determine the possibilities of lost revenues since it was evident that they would have put structures in place to prevent the situation from taking place.

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Alternatives The problem faced by Finesse Consulting Company requires an analysis of different factors that will guide the process leading to attaining the best methodology capable of preventing the entity from any form of loss. The difficulty of claiming the outstanding invoice after successfully facilitating the link between the candidate and the business was the move to source for the candidate through a reverse marketing mechanism. The consulting firm should invest in a database that will allow the entity to develop a register of the business to identify the different clients' requirements. The registration should involve the creation of a correspondence structure and signing of binding contracts which will make the clients ensure they abide by the terms and conditions to keep the Finesse business on a growth trajectory.

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The registration process will come in handy in ensuring the entity provides the best way of advancing an amicable and binding relationship that will see each party perform their part of the bargain in accordance to the agreed guidelines (Sovern, Greenberg, Kirgis & Liu, 2014). The business will have articulately managed to prevent the challenge of possible loses in revenue when candidates at the director level engage each other in the recruitment of candidates. Decision Criteria The decision criteria are arrived at through ranking the four alternatives on different parameters to determine the best from 1 which is poor, 2 moderate and 3 good.   Alternative Cost Consumer Satisfaction Profit Growth Ease of Implementation Return on Investment Total Score 1 Strengthen Candidate Exclusivity 2 2 3 3 3 13 2 Establish a framework for registering business clientele 1 2 1 3 2 9 3 Provide Background checks on candidates 1 2 2 1 2 8 4 Create a legal regime to bind candidates on engagement 2 1 3 2 3 11 Recommended Solution The decision criteria undertook an analysis of different factors that impact the productivity of Finesse Consulting Company towards sealing revenue leaks due to failure to develop mechanisms of turning every engagement into revenues for the business.

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The ranking of the alternatives considered the different factors and obtained an aggregate of each alternative to attain the best solution in solving the challenge. The highest ranked alternatives were strengthening candidate exclusivity and the creation of a legal regime that will bind the candidates and business on a set of rights and obligations for both parties to abide. The two options provided a representation of a system that will likely improve the productivity of the business across several market segments. doi:10. 12122 Hossain, M. , & Abdullah, A.  M. “Challenges and Impacts of Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO) in Bangladesh. “A Critical Study on Recruitment and Selection With Reference to HR Consulting Firms. ” Paripex - Indian Journal Of Research, 3(3), 108-111. doi:10. 15373/22501991/mar2014/38 Merton, Robert C.

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