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It entails more than only making profit though profit making is the main focus of any organization. The success of an organization includes; maintaining customers’ loyalty by ensuring that they are fully satisfied by the services of the organization, production of quality goods and services, having competent skills among the employees which produces quality workforce and competing favorably in the market only but to mention a few. However, no matter how the business or rather the organization struggles to achieve its success, there are underlying risks which it has to face. Risks are usually there in order to give the business a platform to formulate plans and strategies to deal effectively with them to maintain the normal running of the business and to achieve its success.

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This brings about the development and deliverance of a business continuity and disaster recovery plan which when properly put into action, the business ought to succeed. The business continuity and the disaster recovery plan is discussed under different sections of the business which are the main contributors of its success. Program administration The program administration is aimed at ensuring the success of the management of the crisis, recovery of the business as well as the disaster recovery of the business. Samsung, as a company that deals with electrical appliances is faced with a couple of risks and disasters. For instance, Asians companies like the Huawei has given a major threat to its market. However, through program administration, Samsung has been able to recover from this threat and ensured fully running of its essential functions (Karlan, & Valdivia, 2011).

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For instance, the Samsung company which is the main focus in this context, it should lay strategies and put all the requirements of business continuity in place in order to ensure quick recovery from any risk or disaster (Karlan & Valdivia, 2011). The strategies are laid down by the program administrators and are based on the report submitted in the business impact analysis. As mentioned earlier, the report outlines the requirements and the strategies of business continuity. Proper sensitization is of great help in ensuring the consumers have an impact in the manner the products supplied to them maintain a valid quality as well as the quantity they demand. Strategies laid down should therefore be ratified in a manner that will transpire lucrativeness to the Samsung Company.

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The manual work around is therefore a useful tool in ensuring the continuity of the company under question by boosting its survival capabilities in times of unfavorable market conditions by offering a backup plan to the business in combating possible cases of business draining effects (Wheelen & Hunger, 2011). Incident management Incident management is the occurrence of unplanned happenings which may either bring a down fall to the business or promote the selling levels of the business. The macro environment occurrences which affect the business are the most likely causes of happenings which calls for incident management (Blyth, 2009). There should always be an open funnel approach towards the eradication of gruesome occurrences which may negatively affect the business. For instance the case of price fluctuation, Samsung goods may lose demand thus extensive customers’ loyalty will be lost.

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For the managerial staff who carry on the watchdog roles, a better training is needed for them to attain relevant knowledge which will be of help in ensuring they keep a highly effective rapport with their subordinate staff since peaceful relations in a business is key to its success. Newly employed staffs should be exposed to the markets in order for them to learn effectively the techniques they need to apply for the company to achieve a positive continuity. At a times, Samsung Company may lose its trained and skilled workers via cases of withdrawal, natural disasters such as death or by firing of the illegitimate staffs. In cases where the employees are lost, as well a backup plan is needed to ensure that the potholes left by the older staffs is not left vacant for long since the downfall effect of having loopholes in the business will be felt and in most cases the results are inclined to the negative side.

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Replacements should be done as quickly as possible thus ensuring deficiency of staffs is not a cause of the business failure. References to related policies and procedures Business policies as well affect the wave experienced by the business which imposed that certain policy. Samsung Company is not an exception as it holds some policies which define it from the other companies. Some of the policies it applies might bring negative effects which might harbor its continuity in the near future of it may relatively bar the Samsung Company from enjoying the profits it is supposed to enjoy. As well some economic procedures used in marketing might be the major cause of either felt drawbacks of the success of the business unto which the procedures are applied.

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