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The first section introduces the problem that needs solution while the second highlights the fundamental benefits of the idea execution. The proposed business model is illustrated in the third section followed by the factors to be consistently monitored to attain success. The business planning service idea feasibility is critically evaluated in the last section of the paper. Introduction The concept of starting up a business always seem lucrative and promising during the feasibility stage. Thousands of business ideas fail daily within the initial stage of implementation due to lack of proper planning and envisioning tactics. According to the Bureau of labor statistics, nearly 70 percent of business organizations fail with a decade (McIntyre, 2018)1. Business failure is a punitive actuality that most poorly planned business ideas generate. Starting a business planning service that provides critical guidance and directive measures regarding business planning is a necessity that would help save thousands of business ideas in the world. Business requires an informed, prepared and adaptable workforce to maintain relevance in the competitive platform (Boettcher, 2013)2. The business planning service organization will focus on educating and creating a clear insight of the fundamental prerequisite phases of business planning. The business survival rate is fundamentally dependent on the initial business plan structure (Luo, 2011)3. The business will seek the feasibility and viability of a specific business idea both evaluating its probability of failing and succeeding in the contemporary world of dynamic evolution. The current business world necessitates comprehension of basic elements of trials and tribulations that are likely to affect the nature of the business prospects.

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Benefits A crucial and viable business idea deems completely useless without a significant and strategic business plan to articulate, execute and instrument practically. The business planning service organization will save individuals from losing huge sums of money. Nearly all business requires a significant amount of money as the capital fee. Poorly planned business cash flow results in significant losses and eventually business failure. The business planning service aids businessmen establish solid and substantive business plans that foster and initiate automatic business success. The organization will provide greater opportunities for various entrepreneurs to set a good starting place for their business. The business planning services will make accurate projections regarding the business position in the future hence saving unnecessary expenditure and loses. The most significant objective of the business planning services is to actualize viable le and feasible business ideas through systematic analysis and evaluation of the fundamental aspects of the business idea regarding the contemporary business climate.

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The business planning service market segment is open to all business idea customers and focuses on molding the financial feasibility of capital expenditure. Value chain framework The business planning services will deliver door to door services as well as official services at the main offices. The business intends to establish an online platform that will connect millions of people ready to explore and venture into their business ideas. The online platform provides the customer care services with clients location and schedule meeting within the business working hours. The high flexibility and diversity will help the business maintain its relevance and competitive advantage consistently in the dynamic market configuration. Secondly, the cost-effective charges will serve as attractive measures for all including the financially unstable individuals. Factors to be considered during execution Customer trends Business location is a critical aspect of business success and expansion.

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The national business trend is very critical for the future cost projection and planning. Maximum utilization of the resource is a basic necessity for higher productivity. Business planning service idea feasibility The company provides services at the main offices and also delivers door to services which render no potential risk to the subject client. The development process is quite basic and does not require heavy startup capital with no technical complexity expected. The initial quality and lucrative services will sell the company widely throughout the world. Many people are in existence with extensively potential business ideas with no platforms and opportunities to actualize their ideas due to significant factors such as lack of capital. The business planning service provides cheap affordable service adequate to facilitate feasible business ideas actualization. Retrieved from https://ago.

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mo. gov/civil-division/consumer/antitrust-laws/the-importance-of-competition Luo, T. Mann, A. High-tech business survivorship: An analysis by organization type.

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