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This was to be implemented by ensuring that the company was able to provide a favorable working environment and also be a fair employer to all its employees. By doing so, the employees are more likely to be responsive with regards to the manner in which they carry out their respective roles in the company. This may also be accomplished by creating a manufacturing company that is more likely to show responsibility for all its various actions. Nevertheless, our company took a little while before it was able to reach the balance between the price of output and the cost of operation (Priem 94). Regardless of the outcomes registered during the same trading period, the company can be said to have actively integrated key strategies aimed at maximizing overall profits keeping in mind the existence of the various competitor available in the market.

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All this is done keeping in mind the need of serving a broad customer spectrum. As such, the company should be able to produce products that are of the right standards so as to ensure that all its customers are satisfied at all times. In order to ensure that a company is adequately able to cut its overall cost over its competitors, it is often advisable to ensure that the company’s management is able to take into adequate consideration some of the various attributes and features that are considered essential by its buyers. Additionally, such a company should also attempt to incorporate cost-cutting strategies that may not be easily copied by its respective rivals. This is particularly essential as it allows the company in question to ensure that it is able to dominate the economic market available (Thompson 114).

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The disadvantage of Employing This Strategy Differentiating product may prove to be costly and easy to be copied by rivals. Additionally, this move may be costly in terms of purchasing relevant materials or elements required to do so are expensive. Focused Low-Cost Strategy This strategy is aimed at narrowing down the market niche where a company aims at lowering its cost as compared to its competitors. This allows the company to concentrate on the various needs of the customers available so as to ensure that it is able to gain their favor when it comes to purchasing its products (Priem 56). The advantage of Employing This Strategy When this is implemented, the practicing company may be able to outcompete its rivals hence giving it a better chance to maximize its profits as compared to other companies.

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The disadvantage of Employing This Strategy The greatest shortcoming in incorporating this strategy highly lies behind the fact that a company may be squeezed in between the choosing to use high differentiation strategies and those that are low-cost. Competitive Strategy Employed By Company J Since our company was unable to emerge at the top of the market, it is inclined towards coming up with the best-suiting strategy in order to ensure that it is able to outdo its rivals. The company aims at employing the low-cost provider strategy in order to ensure that the employees are able to enjoy quality products at an affordable pricing (Thompson 115). Decisions already made to employ a strategy The company has already made the decision of coming up with a committee that will be in charge of coming up with logical ways of cutting on the cost of producing our products keeping in mind the need of ensuring that the quality of the products is not negatively affected in any order.

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Decisions to be made in order to differentiate company J from its competitors In order to ensure that our company is able to stand out from its rivals in the future, the company will be willing to cut down the various product prices in order to ensure that we are able to gain increased customer loyalty which could prove to be an essential element towards promoting the growth of the company. K Company, on the other hand, can be said to have implemented a focused differentiation strategy which proved to be ineffective due to changes in customer preferences. This led to the company’s low score of 35. Company with an Alternative Competing Strategy BdescendWEAR was considered to be the best performer mostly owing to the fact that the company was the best in terms of coming up with relevant investment decisions.

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