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Etter, M. , Colleoni, E. , Illia, L. , Meggiorin, K. , & D’Eugenio, A. Hall, J. A. When is social media use social interaction? Defining mediated social interaction. new media & society, 20(1), 162-179. This resource researches the question “when is social media use social interaction?” It involves three different types of research which show that many people do not consider social media as a social interaction. motc. gov. qa/sites/default/files/understanding_emerging_social_media_platforms_in_qatar. pdf This resource by Cedric Nix describes how Snapchat, believed to be an emerging social media outlet for business marketing can be effective in reaching customers in different parts of the middle east at the same time. The article describes the advantages of using Snapchat in marketing, its marketing strategies and tricks as well as tips for using it effectively to reach many people.

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It illustrates why it is necessary for every business to embrace Snapchat in marketing its products and services compared to other means. It also helps in understanding the most important changes that have an effect on the way business organizations make use of basic platforms. McDonald, J.  Social media marketing workbook: How to use social media for business. This source describes different ways of social media in marketing. According to this book, Snapchat is cheaper, easier to use and can reach many people at the same time. Also, business organizations can use this app in sending pictures of their products to potential and targeted customers online before visiting their stores. The book adds a lot of value to this research topic because it helps in understanding how why one should use Snapchat in product marketing.

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In case of business organizations that offer services, the book also helps such investors to understand how to use Snapchat video so that they can film their services and share online so as to reach many people at the same time. Jacobson, J. Such a process, if well-observed guarantee business profitability in the long run. De Grave, P. , & Leiding van, O.  INTEGRATING SNAPCHAT IN COMPANIES’ MARKETING STRATEGY. Retrieved September 22, 2018, from https://lib. , Crnjac Milić, D. , & Krpić, Z. Digital Marketing in the Business Environment.  Preliminary Communication, 8(2), 67-75. Retrieved from https://bib. Neti, S. SOCIAL MEDIA AND ITS ROLE IN MARKETING.  International Journal of Enterprise Computing and Business Systems, 1(2), 1-15. Retrieved from https://www. ijecbs. , Corrada, Vega, A. , Dones, V. , & Lopez, E.  Millennials & Snapchat: The Self-Expression Through the Use and Its Influence in The Purchase Motivation.

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Retrieved September 22, 2018, from https://www. (n. d). 9 benefits of Snapchat for business. Retrieved from https://www. websitemagazine. html The article “Why Snapchat Is Becoming a Valuable Marketing Tool” by Boitnott uses a different version to describe some of the benefits associated with Snapchat marketing in Bahrain. Some of these benefits are convenience, enhancing creativity in marketing, visual messages enjoyed by customers and has appealing small blurbs. The article also describes some of the things that business organizations planning to use the application for marketing ought to consider. Some of these advices are thinking beyond the brand, making use of the leading questions and going behind the scenes. The article is relevant to the research topic because it helps in determining benefits associated with the use of Snapchat as well as giving a piece of advice to business organizations and individuals planning to use it for marketing.

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