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Integrating marketing communications: New findings, new lessons, and new ideas. Journal of Marketing, 80, 122-145 doi: 10. 1509/jm. 0419 Batra, & Keller, 2016, article on, “Integrating marketing communications: New Findings, New lessons, and New Ideas” provides to try and explore on the way the traditional and new media applies to influence the marketing process through the customer decision making process. In the deliberation of the article, it provides that social media has been seen to be instrumental towards reaching larger audiences of consumers. The article by Lee, 2013, on “Impacts of social media on consumer behavior along decision making process” is based on the scientific research about establishing the influence social media has towards consumer behavior towards decision making process. Lee, 2013 ventures into the research with an aim of establishing and explaining why, when and how social media has impacted the consumer decision making process.

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It is always correct to have such an initiative that calls upon the consumer to make the decision on what they would like to consume as well as satisfying their taste and preference. Social media having been identified as one of the prospects that have nowadays taken into influencing what we consume, there is need for more information in relation to it. Lee, 2013 takes in to establish from the literature work all the consumer decision making process, social media as well as other research materials related to social media marketing. , Gensler, S. , Lobschat, L. , Rangaswamy, A. , & Skiera, B. The impact of new media on customer relationships. 2010, looks into three aspects; understanding the consumer behavior, use of new media to successfully manage customer interactions, and effective measurement of customers’ activities and outcomes.

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It is established that new media seems to require a shift in the marketing thinking due to new provisions. Also, the consumers have become highly active partners serving as customers as well as producers. It is conclusive that the new media has allowed a shift within the marketing scope and which seem to have influenced the customer relationship with the business. The article has been scientifically provided to be reliable provide first by its ranking and classification within the scope of journal of service research. Evidently, the occurrence of digital and social media aspects has transformed the way people think as well as how they react towards certain things that revolve around the environment. Customers have been made aware by availability of ready information from these media outlets.

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Belch & Belch, 2014, finds out the traditional media still exists within the current wave of transformation and play vital roles within the integrated communication programs of the companies. Also the digital and social media have got a great influence on the consumer decision making process and in turn generated the change currently experienced in the marketing scope. Belch & Belch, 2014 as the authors of the article are employees of the San Diego State University under the marketing department and which makes it realistic upon the research which falls under their department. However, the social media was not the only motivator to consumers towards the decision making process. Nash, 2018, works with the Bournemouth University in UK and which seems to be a factor of consideration making the research reliable.

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