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 Critical Criminology, 21(3), 287-304. https://link. springer. com/article/10. 1007/s10612-013-9187-2 This study presents feminism in its transformative case whereby gender is openly theorized, given worldwide perspective and social justice embraced. org/10. 1016/S0047-2352(01)00093-9 This article addresses feminism from the perspective that historically gender stratification has been paramount in studying as well as in practicing criminal justice. Additionally, this study shows a different stand point from many researchers where it quotes that from point of view of mainstream criminologists there has been insufficient exposure for key participants in this sector to feminists. This study outlines that criminology is hugely associated to men while feminism is a subject for women solely. This is how societies are encultured into this primitive way of thinking which only drawn towards making the society lag behind in the way it handles feminism against criminology across genders.

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pdf This study is centered on feminists’ scholars who how the society perceived, sex, and gender parity in defining criminology, and justice in the society. This study argues that men had taken a leading role in terms of criminology whereby until recent past women had been excluded from this such scenes. Only few researchers had taken keen in interest in researching about this topic hence people had remained in darkness about the concept of feminism in the society. Scholars who had gained passion for studying feminism started questioning the subject of men being centered in discussions and aspects touching on criminal justice and feminist`s perspectives. This study outlines how new or the reformed feminists who were known as liberal feminists came out strongly to give the distinct roles for both men and women in matters of crime and justice.

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According to this study, feminist is argued out on the grounds that in any given society, any gender is used to socially bind people together or even separate them. In other words, this study argued that in societies where men dominate everything, gender is the only tool that is used to arrange people within that society in different social groups. This theory is built on several schools of thoughts where feminist is constructed upon; this study mentioned Marxist school of thought, liberal school of thought, radical school of thought, and the postmodern school of thought. These factors have different standpoints as far as solutions and gender inequalities are concerned. This study is relevant to my research because it mentions special how feminist can be associated with criminological stand points by outline how people`s perceptions play critical role in relating crime and gender.

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This study has highlighted the some very complex questions which are not yet answered about feminism in the society. For instance, questions revolving around approaches to feminism, difference in sex, involvement of women in theoretical enquiries has been given keen attention in this study. The challenges that women face or those that come a s a result of feminism in the society detrimentally are meant to draw the society back since women and men should work towards complementing each other in order to have things done the right way. Women have surfaced sidelines in many aspects, not because they are in efficient but because the society perceives them as such. This research is important to me because it is a rich source of information relevant to giving insights on the challenges that women and society go through due to feminists’ culture.

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1007/s10612-006-9016-y This study focuses on main stream criminology which is important in controlling gender issues, and makes calls to the society into holding different stand points when it comes to the destinations adopted by many people about the different roles men and women should assume in matters of justice and crime. This study points out that it is common knowledge that men tend to to be associated with more delinquent activities on crime issues than women. However, it is pointed out that many people and researchers have not outlined the similarities that exist between men and women in order to assume different or similar roles when it comes to criminology and justice. This study states that due to feminism, our society is wired to treat girls differently from boys and to treat women differently from men in order to exude the differences that exist between the two genders.

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