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It normally involves multidisciplinary field that does not limit students to one approach but allows employment of various methods which include statistics, historical and comparative analysis (Percussion & Cooper, 1991). Introduction In this paper I will be looking to evaluate the international relations theory application majoring on Canadian perspective of policy in foreign trade literature. It defines ways in which studies can be variedly categorized to include; public policy globalization, international trade and federalism, international trade and negotiation agreements contents, power related approaches, integration in the North American corridor as well as conventional approaches tied with new directions. However for the better part of the theory of international relations has been applied erratically and implicitly in Canadian policy studies of foreign trade if in any way the consideration of realism and neo-liberalization approaches in the light of Canadas being a principal, middle power or even dependent state.

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The argument that has existed is that emphasizing Canadians international relations theory focusing mostly on level analysis problem, normative considerations, and non-state actors would help in improvement on understanding and evaluating Canadas trade relations globally for academic purpose and practice (Mahon, 2008) Theory of International Relations Realism Realism has been referred mostly as a school of thought emphasizing mostly on competitive as well as conflictual facet of global relations. In the international front during a state of emergency there exist no clear expectations of who is going to do something. So a state can only depend on itself. Liberalism Also known as “liberal internationalism” the theory of liberalism is founded on the credence that present global system is able to provide a peace order in the world.

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Instead of relying on forces such as the military, liberalism is more focused on global cooperation as a way to reach find coexistence and taking care of each other’s interests. Liberalist always acknowledge that avoiding the results of such actions as military force which lead to civilian casualties and economic lose is far more beneficial. a dramatic change by the Canadian government military policy was seen in how they responded to appeals of the Britain government for help with their land forces. The Canadian government approved of an expansion of the expeditionary wing present in England to a full army which was composed of five divisions having two more additional brigades , this force was considered to be larger compared to the one during the first world war.

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