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These issues include fraud, corruption, and conflict of interests and violation of probity issues. In establishing that there were dishonest practices involved while awarding the tender to our company, I used various procedures. This included evaluation, conducting background checks and data analysis so as to be certain. Afterward, I developed recommendations that would be relevant in this situation such as adhering to the code of ethics of the company as well as proposing abandonment of the contract since it did not follow the relevant and correct procedures. TABLE OF CONTENTS EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 2 1. 7 Step seven 11 4. 8 Step eight 11 5. RECOMMENDATIONS 12 5. 1 Strict procedural guidelines 12 5. 2 Termination of the tender contract 12 5. (Cape Tisbe Ltd, 2018) As a senior accountant in the organization, I am obliged to ensure the smooth running of operations not only in the workplace but also in the dealings the company is involved in.

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The company requires that departments conduct annual internal audits with a view to improving the efficiency of conducting operations, ensuring financial integrity and reliability and reducing the probability of fraud in the organization. These are some of the benefits that accompany internal auditing in that the assist the company to remain competitive and at the same time remaining financially healthy. Therefore this report has been compiled with the reason of formally conveying my concerns as an accountant at Cape Tisbe International with regard to a tender award practice by the government of Papua New Guinea to our company. After conducting a thorough research and analysis of issues regarding how our company attained the tender, I have come to realize that the process was not ethically appealing and is not in accordance to the policies of the company or any other organization that embraces corporate values for that matter.

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In the event of such circumstances, Cape Tisbe international has relevant procedures that officers should follow in order to avert such a situation, which in this case were not followed. • Corruption- this could be defined as a practice of giving, offering, receiving or even soliciting either directly or indirectly, anything valuable that is supposedly meant to influence the action of public officials. This could involve contract execution or a competitive selection process. In this case, Cape Tisbe international used a direct approach of corruption where the involved parties made payments to a Papua New Guinea minister. This payments amounted to four million dollars and were marked with a contract file number and particularly referred to as ‘consulting fees’. The company did note demonstrate probity while acquiring the contract awarded by the Papua New Guinea government which demonstrates failure in securing agreements in relation to its confidentiality policy.

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• Budgetary process- the case with Cape Tisbe International raises major questions regarding the budgetary process and how funds are allocated within the company which also leads to the effectiveness of the auditing processes. Fraud and corruption activities are subject to funding from particular areas. Therefore, lack of an efficient budgetary control provides a platform that enables provision of the necessary funds to commit fraud. (Pdfs. edu. au, 2018) 4. 3 Step three Conducted diligent background checks online and reviewed other suspect individuals and records of the firm regarding the transactions of the tender award. This included checking on extravagant living by the individuals and establishing the presence of companies who pose as subcontractors which is evidence of fraudulent activities. 4 Step four This was the final stage of internal investigation where I applied various measures involving data and document collection as well as further interviews.

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The responses that I received from the contracts manager and the director of finance in Cape Tisbe International were questionable and at no point did they portray accountability. Instead, the managers were of the idea of suppressing the investigations and the tender operations remaining concealed. RECOMMENDATIONS 5. 1 Strict procedural guidelines Improve implementation of procurement policies, guidelines, and policies as well as ensuring staff has appropriate tender planning and procurement skills. 2 Termination of the tender contract I recommend termination of business with the government of Papua New Guinea because it has been established that Cape Tisbe International used unscrupulous methods and approaches to land the contract. com/corporate. html [Accessed 1 Apr. Giaccentre. org. GIACC - Anti-corruption procurement procedures - Global Infrastructure Anti-Corruption Centre.

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