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After finding the ideas, it becomes easy to identify the group membership. Unexpected people or members could raise suspicion that is part of fraudsters or the tax evading (Olsson, and Walker, 2003). The friendship graph is representing how people can connect. The vertex is representing the way individuals and their ages are represents their connections. Such as the business contracts and the employee's ties. The table below shows the clusters and the nodes identified per the clusters (Biroscak, Scott, Lindenberger, and Bryant, 2017). Clusters Nodes Identified per Cluster 1. Open cluster 51—07--61 2. Closed 38--69--72 3. Unbalanced Cluster 32—12--53 4. Therefore there are low chances of being influenced by the members during the meeting of the R, D, and D (Biroscak, Scott, Lindenberger, and Bryant, 2017). Did you include unconnected nodes in your clusters? Why or Why not? Yes we used the unconnected nodes since they give the best results during the decision making in the R, D, and D meeting, they are likely to bring ideas that are unique since they can always disagree to agree during the meeting as each member is trying the best to bring experience from their past ideas (Kang, et al.

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What was your justification for selecting two R. D & D staff per each cluster to attend meeting areas over others in different clusters? The reason for selecting the R, D and D staff is the composition of their structures; I ensured that those individuals who have been working together for a long time and knew each of their members well have been able to naturally interact and come up with innovative ideas from their rich experiences (Carton, Hynes, and Adam, 2016). Such categories were put together in one single group, then those who have does not know every member of their groups has also been named together, the reason being if such member is together two might connect, but they can give room for the third party who at least is not known by the other two members.

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There are no communication links between the focused group and other concepts like management, results, and customers. It is seemingly; the communication concepts are passing through open concepts (Milken institute, 2018). What form does the field service staff members’ communication take? The communication that the staff members are doing is vertical. That is the communication between the field staffs and the management, as they are informing the management about customers’ demands for the products (Olsson, and Walker, 2003). The field staffs are also engaging in the communication to the customers as they are informing them of the products and the wonderful products that the company has for them. How open is communication between field staff and management? The management is likely to give more instructions to the field staff, and the field staff has only one channel through which they can give information or communicate to the management, while the management is likely to have several sports through which they can communicate (Making Decisions Shouldn't be this hard meeting, 2018).

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Describe the nature of results communicated by field staff; the field staffs are likely to give information concerning the market segmentation and the segment that is crucial to the organization focusing, that is the most potential customers to the organizations. The staff are likely giving information about the products to the customers and enticing the customers through product promotions that are likely to lure customers to purchase the product, finally the field staff could be communicating results within their team members either discussing how to implement the management decisions in their roles as field staffs (Biroscak, Scott, Lindenberger, and Bryant, 2017). What part do managers play in the communicating results? The managers are playing the part of the controllers or planners, as they are communicating results to the field staffs, they are likely telling them how best the field staffs can implement the strategies for better performance in future.

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