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Health concerns is a critical issue when doing business and negative critic is bad for any business. Coca cola which deals in beverage, health concern can be a crucial one and any public outcry would results to negative sale and sustainability of the company. Therefore the company is always keen on addressing any health concerns promptly. One of the key heath concern that has been on the public domain is the issue of obesity, which is against coca cola objective of simple affordable health drinks. In light of this coca cola has established a category perception which has been formerly known as active heathy living to address this concerns directly ("To whom it may concern," 2012). From the report which was issued two years back, we see that the Coca-Cola Company, is striving so hard to be able to provide people all over the world with the kind of drinks they want and how the people want the drinks.

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The company is working hard to be able to provide packages which are smaller and also more convenient; introducing and generating new lower and drinks which do not have sugar; and also minimizing sugar levels in the drinks which exists in the world today. From this we see that the company is concerned about the welfare of the people, provision of non-sugar drinks is important today, this is because there are many health effects which are associated with sugar. Excess intake of drinks which are sugary might result to some dangerous diseases such as diabetes. A research which was carried out indicated that the company fully supports the current recommendation which was made by the World Health Organization that people should reduce their consumption of sugar added to drinks to less than 8% of their aggregate consumption of energy per calorie.

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One of the strategies which they are applying in the reduction of the climate impact is striving to reduce emissions from their manufacturing processes, even though they company has faced some challenges in the elimination of climatic impact, it has progressed in various areas. The sustainability report also states that a few years ago the company committed two targets which were aimed at emissions reduction. The first target was to ensure the business grows instead of the carbon system-wide and the second target was to ensure that the emissions were reduced by at least 5 percent in the most developed countries. Basically the emissions targets are supposed to apply to operations which are applied in the manufacturing process, and the company had managed to achieve this by 2015 as compared to the year which was introduced.

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The company has continued to strive toward its objective of growing the business, rather than the carbon, yet it’s off estimate and track, its global manufacturing emissions are approximately between 12 percent as compared to the 2004 baseline. For instance we see that, The Foundation fully supported various environment and water programs for instance; The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation’s Replenish Africa Initiative (RAIN), this program has provided approximately 2. 5 million Africans with safe water for drinking. Lastly, it is evident that the coca cola company has strived so hard to reduce waste in the lifecycle of their packaging. In the Coca-Cola Company, waste reduction goes beyond reduction of the packaging material to optimization of the packaging efficiency; maximization of utilization of material which can be renewed; recovering packages which can be easily reused; and increasing utilization of recycled material.

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Conclusion Coca cola has greatly employed mechanisms to tackle health and packaging concerns in plastic bottles. Recommendation In addressing health concern on obesity the company should reduce sugar content in their drinks since its one main cause of obesity. The company should also reduce the amount of calories in their beverage offering lower or zero calorie option. Obesity cannot be fought alone, coca cola should collaborate with other beverage manufacturer to help in the fight against obesity. The can be achieved through health programs to help those families which are already facing obesity challenge. Plastic bottles should also be stored in cool and dry refrigerator if plastic is exposed to too much heat this can lead to health complication on the users.

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