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Besides, the durability of the coffee maker is core. Any device used daily must have parts that can work when needed for a long time. The device needs to be easy to clean. The coffee making machine must be able to be cleaned if and when the need arises, therefore, a priority in the design making. Another vital feature is it should be perfect but straightforward. Option A Functionality Option B Durability Option c Easy cleaning Option d simplicity Option A Moving part A Option B Aesthetic pleasing B B Option C Coffee brewing C C C C From the above comparison, the options of making coffee are easy in all models but hard to achieve the goals needed in most of the models and this can be done only through the use of the one with the highest rating.

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Morphological chart Attributes Solutions Functionality Brew coffee Make coffee Brew coffee Durability Use steel Use plastic Use polyesters Easy to clean Moving parts Compact detachable Hard and unmovable Simplicity Sleekness Made by a computer Made by hand Aesthetic pleasing Designed for looks Functional but good looking Small good looking Design c Design b Design e From the chart above, the design that utilizes the available space is design B and this makes the preferred design Numeral evaluation matrix Design options Row Selection criteria B C E 1 Aesthetic pleasing + + - 2 Coffee brewing + - - 3 Simplicity + + + 4 Easy cleaning + + - Pluses Minuses 4 0 3 1 1 3 From this, it shows that the best design that fits most of the needed functional design space is the design B. Work Cited Buede, D.

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