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He has also written for the Chicago and Milwaukee magazine, A. V Club and VICE. Moreover, he has published various works such as Murder of a Tyrant and A Marketer's Guide to the Dark Web. He has worked as a reporter in Northwest Herald and Laredo Morning Times and as a content writer at Zywave. He studied Journalism in the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He is, therefore, qualified to write the topic since he has a background in the media industry both from school and from previous experience working as a writer and reporter for various magazines. He is qualified because of his prior experience in marketing. Brooke has published various works which are related to marketing such as A Marketer's Guide to the Dark Web and Genetically Modified Marketing. This indeed boosts the credibility of the author since he has established a niche to base his work on and it also shows that he has information about the topic. The perspective of the author is marketing versus finance. He asserts that content that has been branded which is a marketing move generates a lot of revenue to the site. Moreover, sharing content that is considered to be relevant to their network is also able to provide revenue for the media company that is focused on college. The author directly relates marketing efforts to revenue. The message being passed to the readers by Brooke is that after a few years pass, media outlets that are college-directed need to engage their readers in order to keep them as they grow older and more mature or try to attract the younger freshmen who are incoming.

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Therefore, different approaches need to be adopted so as to solve the dilemma. The main theme is marketing which is aimed at increasing revenue for the media outlet. Another main theme is the use of technology as a major driver of evolution in media. The motive for writing this article is to address the various issues facing media outlets which are college-driven. The author aims to educate media outlets which are college-directed regarding the fact that they need to ensure that they remember what they need their base to be and to make decisions based on their objectives. The issues that have been addressed by the article is technology which he has described as the most crucial driver of media evolution which has made the media to fall out of fashion when readers mature up.

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Whichever way they choose will make them lose certain readers and attract others. The evidence that has been provided to support the message is the fact that branded content provides most of the revenue for the site while the rest is from display advertisements. Statistics by ComScore show that huge millennial media companies like Vox don't have their audience between the age of 18-24 since most of their target audience is above thirty years. The most important information includes the main theme which is the marketing model to be implemented, the statistics provided which provides the relevant information which enables us to make viable conclusions and the conclusions given by the author. The article is not biased towards one side since Brooke does not lean towards any side while giving his recommendations and statistics.

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Most statements in the article are accurate since they are verifiable with links directing the reader to where the information was acquired from. Moreover, Brooke provides enough details since he ensures that every statistic is documented and people who said various statements relating to the topic such as Rivlin have also been quoted. Everything that has been written by Brook is relevant to the theme of the article which is the marketing strategy required for a media outlet which is college-driven. Brooke is able to address the issue in a great way because he ensures that the readers are well informed on various statistics concerning the challenge and gives suggestions on how the challenge needs to be handled. Brooke needs to consider trying to please the mature and younger audiences by incorporating content which can be enjoyed by all of them.

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However, Brooke has narrowed it down to not only media companies but those which are college-directed. This narrows down a very general topic to specifics which also requires specific statistics. It gives new information on challenges and dilemmas faced by media outlets in colleges as they strive to be relevant and successful. This article is of great significance to marketing practitioners since it gives them key insights on how to make viable decisions such as during its growth, the base needs to be chosen in order to hold the decisions being made against objectives. Public policy makers can also use the analysis to use various media forums to reach their target audience based on age.

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