Communication process and the barriers to communication

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The world fails even with the best ideas as long as there is no effective communication. According to Huczynski, and Buchanan (2013), without effective communication there is no organization this is because communications are factors that maintain life and are the vital components of an organization. Communication can be defined as the transmission of meanings verbally or non-verbally, from one person to another and according to Hedman, (2015) communication between one person and another can be referred as a simple triangle that consists of the context, message, sender, and receiver. With increasing globalization and rapid communication networks, the questions remain how can communication be made effective and what are the challenges and effects involved? What are interpersonal communication skills and how does it affect global virtue teams? What are non0verbal cues and what impacts do they have in an organization? This study will try to answer these questions and find the link between communication and an organization by analyzing several articles.

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Literature Review There are several workgroups that play a fundamental role in an organization. Leaders on the other side have responsibilities of setting agendas, motivating workers, and insisting on effort and success. They also make sure they maintain order, resolve internal and external conflicts by formulating ideas. To improve performance and relationships, it is wise to understand how people perceive leaders and their features. While trying to understand leadership, features such as body language and non-verbal cues are vital because they are used to portray emotions, define relationships, and most importantly send a message. John Larson, (2004) argues that body language and non-verbal cues might be silent but they have a huge significant and are widespread. There is lack of richness in face-face interactions in online communication since relying on online communication solely inhibits the participation and in the long-run, it creating trust becomes hard this is according to a study conducted by Fay, and Kline, (2012).

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To solve this problem these virtual teams should be very careful in selecting and how the use ICT which is an essential channel that can be used to bridge this gap. Another issue that should be looked into keenly is miscommunication which a huge problem that is facing managers and professionals. Voice barriers exist both at the bottom of the company's hierarchy and the executive suite. Among these obstacles they are experienced in the upwards and sideways communication but miscommunication is categorized as major one and what is making it a huge barrier is being unable to comment on it because of some factors. with their supervisor, and the organizational characteristic such as unsupportive culture. Majority of management teams put interaction and communication in the forefront in their organization.

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For the success and the turnaround of an organization, the composition of the management teams is very crucial. These compositions include gender, age, and their connection to the performance of the team. In their study (Martin, and Fellenz, 2010) suggest that a talented managers do not create an effective management team, but the already existing management teams are perfectly shaped mainly on matters concerning communication. References Bang, H. What prevents senior executives from commenting upon miscommunication in top management team meetings? Qualitative Research in Organizations and Management: An International Journal, 7, (2), pp. Elving, W. J. L. Leadership & Organization Development Journal, 36, (8), pp. 1012 – 1024 Huczynski, A. A, and Buchanan, D. A. , 2013, Organizational Behaviour, Eighth edition; Chapter 7, p222 – 232 John Larson Brian H. Communicate through the roof: a case study analysis of the communicative rules and resources of an effective global virtual team.

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