Communications and staffing plan of management

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However, the policy of staffing will be flexible to meet client satisfaction and ensure that the workers are well utilized and the work is done efficiently (Kerzner, 2017). The handbook of employees is open, and it is clear to all workers on the importance of the utilization of flexible and varied processes of scheduling. The training needs The main aim of the Evolution car wash is to ensure that every employee receives the necessary training for them to portray proficiency in all tasks that are assigned to them by the management. The program of training the workers will mainly focus on growing interpersonal relationships and skills as well as expanding the knowledge of operating the business. The project of training is crucial in maintaining positive customer-employee interactions and contacts in the industry.

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Awards inform of prizes in recognition of the employee of the month III. Awards for best performance IV. Recommendation for raises V. Sending of notes to fellow workers by managers to tell them how well they performed VI. Celebrations and planned parties VII. Thus the market share of the target population is one hundred percent at least for the time being. The overall objective To establish a high profitable and successful car washing business which the best provides of the best needed services to the community. Long term goal To clear the accrued debts and in turn develop the debt to an income of one million dollars to gain a reputation and respect as an overall customer satisfaction oriented business in the community as well as the whole country.

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