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The Kingdom of Wakanda is a technologically advanced state that has been hidden away from the rest of the world for centuries because of the power that it holds and the presence of the precious mineral vibranium. It is feared that if such kind of technology became exposed to the rest of the world, it would lead to a shift in the balance of power thus resulting in wars and chaos. The Kingdom is headed by a King, T’chala, who came back after the death of his father (Chen, 2018). He is unaware that there is an underlying secret about the succession to the throne. Outside Wakanda, there is a character named Killmonger. The cause of conflict in the film is political, as much as it is psychological and is motivated by revenge.

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First of all, Killmonger aims to revenge the death of his father, by exposing the secret, killing T’chala and reclaiming the throne. Having grown up as an orphan, Killmonger has been ravaged by the outside world. His pain drove him to join the military, where he became accustomed to killing and has, therefore, marked his body with every person he has ever killed in preparation for facing T’chala (Chen, 2018. The emotional pain and torture of being left alone have driven him somewhat insane, that he cannot make sense of reality. This is a type of conflict that occurs within an individual. The antagonist, Killmonger faces a struggle within himself to deal with the fact that his father was murdered by his own brother.

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To make matters worse, he had been left behind by his own family and blood to be an orphan, when they should have been the first people to look out for him. He is enraged by his uncle’s actions, a rage that only grows stronger as Killmonger grows older and vows to seek revenge for his father’s death. The second type of conflict is interpersonal. He swiftly cast aside any form of discussions afterwards. His mother and the priest of Wakanda attempted to mediate in vain. The only option he remained with was to use Diplomacy. As a tradition of Wakanda, the only to settle such a matter was a traditional fight, which T’chala quickly gave into the idea, as the winner would be assured the throne.

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At the battle, Killmonger Won, thus, he became the King while T’chala was badly injured and feared dead (McCann 2018). In order to manage and resolve a conflict accurately, there exist methods and tools that can be utilized. Rather than opting for violence, there is a need to show respect to the other party’s perspectives. As a party, your needs must be clearly determined, devoid of confusion. The option must also be determined beforehand, rather than rushing into a decision. Care must be taken to ensure that every viable option is considered before a decision is made. There are a number of reasons why individuals respond in a defensive or hostile manner. It is, therefore, better to first engage in a conversation that would help comprehend the reasons why a person is behaving in a certain way.

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