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The main purpose for constellation is to enable us to differentiate different types of starts. Astronomers use this technique in distinguishing different clusters of stars. In one night, one can notice about one thousand to one thousand five hundred stars in the sky (Muller, 2016). It is therefore hard to differentiate the starts from one another. Constellations, therefore, enables one to differentiate the different types of stars through breaking the sky into more manageable bits (Lund, 2016). Initially, before used to think that Gods lived in the heaven and that they are the ones that used to create them. Many cultures used to believe that the positions that the stars were placed in the ways of their Gods telling stories. Due to this fact, it was obvious for them to recognize the patterns in the sky and coming up with names to describe them.

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The present names of constellations that are currently used were obtained from Greek. In Greek, constellations were named after their mythological heroes as well as legends (Anantasook & Yuenyong, 2018). This would then notify them that the time to sow was almost there with them and thus they could prepare to sow. looking at the summer triangle, they were able to say when summer or spring was approaching. Farmers were, therefore, able to plan ahead as well as form agriculture through the use of the use of the stars. In addition to this, the constellations also made it easy for people to recognize as well as interpret the sky patterns (Ayduz, 2016). Navigators also used constellations so as to identify the routes that they were supposed to follow so as to reach to their places of destination.

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The word Zodiac should mean circles of animals since many of the well-known constellations are shaped as animals (Zarka, 2009). Canis Major is one of the constellations that are known as Zodiac as they are shaped as a dog. They are also known as a Greater dog due to their shapes (Brown & Brown, 2000). This constellation is located at the constellation Orion feet, which is also known as the greater hunter. The single star Sirius is also the brightest star in the sky and also referred to as a dog (Brown & Brown, 2000). A good case, as stated above is the situation where farmers could use the constellations in predicting the seasons. This was therefore important in the process of determining which economic activities should be carried out at any given time.

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There are twelve groups of stars altogether. The part that is trailed by the sun is known as ecliptic (Robson, 2005). The twelve star groupings as a rule lie along the ecliptic and they shape the zodiac which is otherwise called the birth-sign heavenly bodies. For the situation whereby they just give the directions of the focuses to discover the stars, it will be hard for one to find the correct point where the stars are found. For the situation where one says that the star is alpha Tau, at that point one will have the capacity to realize that the star is the brightest one in Taurus Constellations. Regularly, stars are named after the groups of stars that they have a place into.

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