The Effects of Global Warming in the Arctic

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Evident by the previous study, social support is a key determinant of health among Canada's Inuit population. Lack of social support may lead to diseases like respiratory disorder, suicide attempts, and the self-rated health problems. The research fails to yield upon the objective bringing insight of different social determinants instead, it highlights a general perspective of the social support and its contribution to the health of the Inuit population. Introduction This was an explanatory study and it explained the relationship between physical health and the social environment of Inuit. Inuit population in Canada describes the original group of people inhabiting the Arctic areas of the country. A gap, therefore, exists on the insight given considering the Inuit population a dominant group in Canada.

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A background information was necessary for anyone who would be interested in the study so that he or she might get the critical orientation and the basic knowledge concerning key variables. The paper's concern was to seek the interdependence between social determinants and the Inuit health. The use of exploratory and the complex multivariable logistic regression analyses and the APS helped in attaining the goal by giving a comparative data analysis and presentation. Level assessment helped to relate numerous social determinants to the physical health of the population. Much of the data is got from secondary sources which are the common source. Primary data is however not available since there was no experiment conducted on the social determinants to give accurate data.

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Alternatively, it is not possible to measure social determinants by experimenting hence the only reliable source would be secondary sources. Richmond analyzes only one reference of APS (2001) instead of engaging a number of references and this deprives him the right to compare and contrast different results. It would have been better to analyze the results of more than two sources critically to be able to come up with the best reliable results. Methods The methods used for this study mainly focuses on the social support and its significance to the Inuit health. The author follows the life of Inuit people and just like other researchers are moved to pursue the four widely known types of social support structures namely, emotional support, positive interaction, tangible support, and affection.

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A descriptive method is therefore employed where Richmond uses previous studies explain on and contact a survey on the Inuit health and its effects on social determinants. A descriptive method is, therefore, the best way to appropriately answer the posed questions of the study. The procedures in a descriptive study, however, has sufficient detail to permit other researchers to use the same information for their future studies. This would give the wrong feedback concerning the real population. The method used in the study was the sampling method in which a sample was selected from the original population. A sample was therefore selected of 9,590 out of the total population was habited by the Inuit. The sampling method is therein biased of the Inuit population living in the four regions.

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This percentage used to reach out the sample is definitely likely to result in a biased sample. In social support measure, time was the independent while the scale represented how often people interacted with others. The scale range here was 0 to 10 which manifested the level of support coming from other individuals or coming out of inter-relationship. The support measure is the appropriate measure for the variables despite the fact that interrelation with other people carries more weight on the frequency. It is evident that the support measure is the best to measure the variables. The interview is the best instrument that could be used for the sample selected. Critically, an explanatory study requires a pilot research. Richmond didn't contact any pilot study and for this, the impact on the subsequent study is constant and firm.

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The results obtained from the primary experiment are therefore upheld. The control procedures for the social support deficiency and bad health among the Inuit population are given in which individuals are advised to involve social inter-relation. Richmond does discuss the account of potentially confounding variables that he is not able to control the health problems without using the social environment. In regression, one is not supposed to overlook any section of interest such as the population which the study assumed of according to the author. Tests of significance such as the descriptive patterns of the social support among the Inuit are described appropriately to bring up the insight between high levels of various types of support. The logistic model results are described in all the four models of social support.

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All the hypothesis were tested and the measures used for the same had variable categories in which the study applied. The result from every hypothesis could, therefore, be categorized accordingly. For more clarity, the data in the determinant tables and graphs are also contained in the text. The explanations for the tables provide adequate supportive information and description of the data contained in the figures. This also boosts the level of understanding rendered to the readers of the piece. The major findings of the research are that positive interaction and affection intimacy yields the most in terms of physical health among the Inuit population. Other determinants of the physical health are emotional support and the tangible support, these contribute almost in the same proportion as the social support.

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