Day Constrained by Social Norms

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5:00- drive to the school where the kid's studies and pick them to take them home 5:45- Visit a hospital church few kilometres from my area of residence where we have the opportunity to visit the sick and share the gospel with them. Shortly there is a brief meeting on the plans to spread the gospel to members of all the races. 6:30- Go back to have a bit of rest as well as having time with my family, and preparing supper for them. Watch news for disabled children calling for government assistance Application It is apparent that my day was shaped and constrained by social norms. It is the norm of the wife in the family to wake up and prepare his family for the day schedule ahead.

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For instance, waking time and going back home is different due to the nature of each one role. Gender role in this field log is evident in the time for waking up. I have to wake up an hour earlier to prepare breakfast for the rest of the family. I have to ensure that my husband together with my two children get to their daily activities when they are lively after an ample breakfast. Moreover, I have to go and pick them in school and arrive at home early to prepare to have time with my family. I had a chance to meet other members of the extended families such as Aunties, Uncles, cousins who are as well attached to my grandmother.

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Moreover, there is also social deviance which means that after the family has got the opportunity to be together, they are more than jubilant to see each other. They spend the limited time having all the available kind of fun such taking photos and talking about life experience. Religion and Race In any social setting, there is the element of faith which is the form of beliefs on how people should talk to the supreme beings. For instance, according to my field log, it is crystal clear that in my social setting there is the norm of Christianity that encourages one to be their brothers, sister keepers. Moreover, it could encourage children to take up task based on their talents and abilities rather than perceived gender roles (Witt, 2011).

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Sociologists also try to study on what causes inequality in the society whereby you find that some individuals own a lot of property that is more than enough for their daily lives. On the other side there those that cannot even meet all their basic needs or they are insufficient to sustain them. Some argue that it is due to lack of equal opportunities since some were born in the family that controlled most of the wealth while others just met their parents surviving. Others like Karl Max blame the harsh capitalist system of economy that provides the platform where wealth is concentrated in the hands of few individuals, therefore, can exploit others for their good. Conclusion Based on my field log one can sense that their social norms are imminent.

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