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Essentially, consumer behavior refers to the study of how people select, purchase, utilize and get rid of goods and services. 1 This can be explained by the different preferences, which consumers usually have when picking the products they need to buy. Every decision to buy a commodity is often influenced by a certain reason that customers can trace back their behavior. The consumer culture theory is suitable for drafting this report because it explains why customers behave in the manner they do when handling issues to do with the purchasing of products and services. This report looks to explain the concept of the consumer using a combination of journal entries regarding purchases, and the consumer culture theory. Take, for instance, person X works at a motel in a particular neighborhood.

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This individual wakes up at six o’clock in the morning to prepare for work. When he turns on his radio, in every thirty minutes there are five adverts of consumer goods being promoted. When this person drives to work he spots a lot of billboards that are advertising commodities. On arriving at work he also comes across a lot of ads on his computer. As has been previously discussed in this report, the consumer culture theory views aspects of consumption in a more social way than it does economically. A good example is with the purchase of a cheeseburger on the twenty-eighth of November. This decision was clearly influenced by friends and it was not a routine activity in my daily schedule.

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As is indicated in the purchase journal, the buying behavior was limited meaning that having a cheeseburger for lunch is something that I do not do very often. By making a decision that was influenced by my friends’ advice, it is clear that I was trying to fulfill the needs of my social status such that at the end of it all I get to feel that I have accomplished something. A good example is the purchase of a coffee table on the third of October. The journal entry indicates that I bought the table because I needed to replace a broken one. This essentially means that I needed the table and that is why I bought it. If the original table had not broken I would not need a replacement and, therefore, would probably not have bought another one.

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This gives a clear explanation of the type of consumer I am and most of the rest of the purchases pretty much are inclined to the fulfillment of needs. 6 Conclusion In conclusion, it is paramount to note that the consumer behavior of an individual largely depends on the factors like the social status and culture according to the consumer culture theory. The activities that people engage in on a daily basis account for their consumption. The surroundings of an individual constitute their social way of life and this is vital in the determination of their consumer behavior as is stipulated in the theory of consumer culture. Bibliography Askegaard, Søren. "Consumer Culture Theory (CCT). "Nordic consumer culture: Context and concept. " In Consumer Culture Theory, pp.

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