Coordinated Management of Meaning theory

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This theory depicts that two people who are interacting socially construct the meaning of their conversation. Along with this theory, the study of the human understanding of meaning via communication can be further understood through studying the hierarchy of organized meaning. Hierarchy of organized meaning can be referred to various stages involved from the time a message is relayed to the time of acquisition of the full meaning of the message. The objective of this paper is to explain six levels of meaning related to Coordinated Management of Meaning theory while giving an extended personal example related to the understanding of these levels of meaning. The hierarchy of organized meaning Information can be very meaningful or confusing depending on the context and content it contains.

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According to West & Turner (2018), Spear (2007) defined speech act as a “class of very familiar things such as promises, threats, insults, speculations, guesses, and complements”. Speech act delivers intention of a speaker and goes forth to link on how particular communication should be perceived. A good example of speech act is seen when Joyce comes across the phrase “I love you”. The affectionate tone contained in this phrase is because of Speech act. According to Pearce (2000), speech acts are not things but are outlines in sense of meaning and actions of dialogue. Punctuation depends on how well the beginning and end of the conversation is understood and it is through this that a clear pattern of interactions in an episode gets recognized.

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According to Pearce and Conklin (1979), “coherent conversation requires some degree of coordinated punctuations”. Different tolerances may elicit different impressions of the episodes. Example of a small episode: John clicks his mouth when his English teacher points him to answer a difficult question in class. The teacher is annoyed and sends John to the Principal’s office for punishment. Those who are guaranteed to share their future together are the only ones that are seen to be so much convinced to outline their relational issues. This level of meaning also suggests the existence of relational boundaries in that curbs are established for behavior and attitude. Relationship level of meaning is also concerned with the agenda and topics which people should communicate. For example, there are some topics that are considered to be taboo in relationships with various people and they are always avoided in the best way possible in order to avoid conflicts.

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Example of a relationship: a conversation between two candidates who discuss on study methods to use in order to pass their forthcoming examinations. It is after a while that Mary explains to Jimmie that she broke from her previous ex-boyfriend because of not being able to cook sweet pancakes. According to this conversation, Mary’s previous breakup due to pancake issue is awakening the self-concept that she is a poor cook. Cultural pattern- in simplified terms, cultural pattern refers to the images of the world and people’s relationship too. According to Pearce and Cronen (1980), the cultural pattern is related to a situation where people identify themselves with particular groups in particular cultures. They also revealed that everybody behaves based on the actual values of their society.

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