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These decisions impact the engagement of Oracle in CSR as well as upholding its ethical image in a bid to create value for its business. CSR and ethical decisions despite their seeming detachment from the primary business function are two-tiered. They are needed first to promote social responsibility, corporate citizenship among other ideals demanded by society. However, they are also done to ensure that the company's value is increased since it has an obligation to the shareholders. Decisions The Oracle CSR efforts endeavors take on various trends which are advanced to ensure that it is more corporate responsibility. Oracle can accomplish this through the creation of interactive social media platforms. This is done through either generic platform such a Facebook, Twitter or customized ones such as school sites, targeted groups among others which are directed towards various consumer categories.

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In these platforms, they can share their developments in CSR and ethics as well as answer questions that may be of concern to the consumers. They can also use these platforms to take various stands on the social issues in which they communicate their mission and vision through progressive stances and moral rectitude. Additionally, communication acts as a form of passive marketing as it can be used to position the company as a CSR oriented company and thus augment its value. Two decisions making models come in handy in making these decisions. The first tool is the ladder of inference. The tool omits biases and experience which may impair once decisions are making. CSR and ethics may be subject to influence from the zeitgeist which calls for the objective in making such decisions (Argyris, 2015).

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The tool allows for decisions to be examined in various planned activities. Therefore, decisions that involve teams should be made under their advisement to preempt any aversion. Lastly, time is always a factor, and it should count towards making of such decisions. For instance, lack of adherence to certain standards may lock out business due to ethical issues which presents a sense of urgency to such decisions. These decisions have a very lasting impact on elements of corporate culture. CSR will allow Oracle to take part in corporate citizenship. Therefore, Oracle's involvement is a crucial role as a corporate citizen. These decisions have an impact on various stakeholders. Employees are the most impacted since they are many involved decisions like volunteering or adhering to new standards call for an open mindset and dynamic approach to work for the employees.

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It also calls for excellent leadership to forge teams that are organized around the essence of CSR and ethical adherence. The other stakeholders involved are shareholders who are the owners of Oracle. Another impact in the society is environmental preservation. Through green initiatives emanating from internal processes and transiting to an ambassadorial role, Oracle creates a better sustainable future for the community. It is a best practice to map the sustainability issue since they differ from region to region. Also, the establishment of sustainability management systems also creates an empirical way to track progress made (Welford, 2016). This includes exploring the impact made through the supply chain or even in the community support decisions made. Lastly, Oracle can inculcate its culture thus advancing sustainability efforts globally.

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CSR activities create a foundation for continued leadership in sustainability which equates the future generation with a tool to advance their community (Idowu & Kasum, 2016). This is mostly through its philanthropic efforts as well as community engagement. Investing in countries lagging in technology also improves the learning curve needed to appreciate aspects of sustainable development, CSR efforts among suppliers and ethical corporate leadership. In conclusion, Oracle in its approach of CSR and ethical efforts have to make decisions to actualize this aspiration. , & Kasum, A. S. People, Planet and Profit: Socio-economic Perspectives of CSR. Routledge. Jabbour, C. Oracle Education Foundation. Retrieved from https://oraclefoundation. org/index. html Slapikaite, I. , & Tamosiuniene, R. Story, J. , & Neves, P. When corporate social responsibility (CSR) increases performance: exploring the role of intrinsic and extrinsic CSR attribution.

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