CPM and HRM Contribution to Unitarianism and Human Happiness as an Ethical Goal

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In organizations, utilitarianism is essential in improving the overall relations between employers and their employees, managements should improve their employees working conditions so as to boosts their morale. There is also job specification ensuring efficiency in what they do, courtesy of the human resource department. Management is bettered and changed through contemporary management. All these as an aftermath improve the general production within an organization. It can therefore be argued that through both Contemporary Management and Human Resource Management organizations improve their basic utilitarianism (Parks, S, 2012, 103). An act is therefore morally acceptable when it does not have any bad consequences during its performance or as a result of it. The theory relies on the intrinsic value of an out come to assess the consequences of an action (Singer, P, 2015, 112).

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Utilitarianism also reflects commonsense. This is because it is commonsense for individuals to perform acts that only promote good to others. It however betters commonsense by removing its vagueness and inconsistency by adding a moral intuition. Human Resource Management is hence a vital system in all organizations and greatly contributes to the well being, efficiency and overall production of an organization. The department should therefore be handled with major causing following all its credentials in order to ensure it is properly implemented. This includes following some if not all of the Human Resource Principles with which it is built on (Kramar, R, Bartram, T, & De Cieri, H, 2014, 96). Principles of Human Resource Management The most vital principle is acknowledging that human resources are the most important assets in any organization.

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Another crucial principle is that a business is most likely to be successful if and when its enterprise procedures are closely linked with its personnel policies, and make a major contribution to the strategic plan and set objectives of the business. Managers get to make proper managerial decisions with the aim of achieving the companies set objectives and promoting the overall utility within an organization. It therefore promotes the overall performance and management within an organization which as an aftermath promotes the overall performance of an organization (Griffin, R,. Relationship between Contemporary Management and Human Resource Management HRM is the management of human resources, whose aim is to maximize employee performance through recruiting employees, employee compensation and benefits and designing or defining work while CPM broadly surveys the theoretical foundation of modern management thought out through previous research with the aim of making principles of management relevant through assimilating present text material from various research and incorporating the developed changes in research in management in order to better its functioning (Griffin, R, 2015, 89).

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Both of these management systems though different in their focus have the same objective of improving the effectiveness and proper management within an organization. HRM focuses on bettering the human resource within an organization while CPM focuses on bettering the management itself (Klikauer, T, 2010, 69). References Armstrong, M. Armstrong’s handbook of strategic human resource management. London, UK: Kogan Page Publishers Armstrong, M. Taylor, S. Armstrong’s handbook of human resource management practice. Organization, (17) 3:331-344 Jones, R, George, J, Barret, M. Honig, B. Contemporary management fourth edition, Sydney, Australia: McGraw-Hill Education Australia. Klikauer, T. Critical management ethics. The most good you can do. How effective altruism is changing ideas about living ethically. Melbourne: Text Publication.

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