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Human resource management involves the formulation of a model that will impact their character towards affirming excellent performance in their different duties. Strategic human resource management determines the level of success of organizations in the new dispensation of business competitiveness. It is without a doubt that going into the future there is a need to change tact on how to handle the human capital. The level of business competitiveness requires that the management of the human resource component is in line with best international practice. Human behavior and attitude towards work are the building block behind the establishment of better performance by organizations and professional development among employees. A competent compensation philosophy and benefits attract the best talent to an organization and retain them thereby providing quality service delivery to an entity.

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Equal Employment Opportunity policy is an undertaking that boosts the confidence of employees towards an organization since they are often convinced of fairness in such an entity. A good human resources management framework focuses on equality to initiate affirmative action in their recruitment and administrative procedures. Equality and affirmative action initiatives improve the corporate image of an entity in the contemporary society. The working environment should adhere to strict compliance of safety procedures and health to prevent any potential harm to the employees (Bratton, & Gold, 2012). The information gathered through the analytics systems keeps critical information on an employee that helps them improve on their weak areas to boost outputs. The method employed by different organizations to their business has established positive results for both employee professional development as well as organizational success.

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The best performing organizations around the world have an effective human resource practice and taking up the best practice model would mean the implementation of their policy for satisfactory performance in the market. The best practice approach is both right and useful in the implementation of a strategic human resource framework that institutes a working structure and improved performance (Marchington et al. The business terrain keeps on changing, making it imperative for organizations to leverage on a well-structured human resource strategy. Competitive advantage gets achieved if the organization is guided by best practices to formulate a tailor-made structure for the business in the market segment where they are in existence. Human Resource Management for Discipline, Retention, and Separation Compensation philosophy is an essential tool in an organization that offers a series of principles and guidelines that define the ability of an organization to administer retention, separation, and discipline of employees.

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The human resource element in most companies requires the initiation of strategies that ensure that they attract the best talent in the labor market that will help the organization create value for the prosperity of the enterprise. The companies employ a differentiated human resource strategy that is unique to their situation to ensure they achieve their visions with the available funds at their disposal. Retention, separation, and discipline are essential features that determine the success of an organization through the utility of the human resource for quality service delivery (Lussier, & Hendon, 2015). The human resource structure understands the need to have a friendly separation model by resignation, termination, retirement, retrenchment, dismissal, and discharge (Eskreis-Winkler et al. The organization should encompass a provision that explicitly advocates for a job evaluation for the attainment of a justified compensation philosophy based on equality.

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The organization emphasizes the employment and labor laws hence have structured their human resource policy in a manner that the different forms of separation are fairly dispensed to the satisfaction and well-being of the entity. Most entities understand that the competitive contemporary business world requires a structure in the human resource policies that will address both the demands of the external and internal environment of operations. The labor market is liberalized, and any organization that seeks to attract the best talent need to ensure that they initiate measures in place that define the achievement of such an undertaking (Eskreis-Winkler et al. The establishment of an excellent human resource strategy enhances the ability of an organization to gain a lot of credence from the employees and exhibit best practices that allow them to be competitive in the market.

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A strategic human resource framework is the determinant of the quality of performance of an entity. References Armstrong, M. Taylor, S.  Armstrong's handbook of human resource management practice. Andover: Cengage Learning. Eskreis-Winkler, L. Shulman, E. P. Beal, S.  Georgetown Law Journal, 93(6), 1835-1883.   Retrieved from the Proquest database.   Lussier, R. N. Hendon, J.

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