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A variety of criminal activities in which violence has been used are such as homicides, attempted suicides and sexual assault. Violence may be caused intentionally, accidentally or in defense of an attempted criminal act. Violence is present in both developing and developed countries (Friedland 58-60). In developing countries, a number of violence is attributed to increased levels of poverty and unemployment while in developed countries upcoming gangs and increased availability of guns have been implicated. Laws and policies regarding crime and violence within have also been controversial in many countries. They are the ones that arrest offenders and administer justice. Therefore, their impartial and unbiased administration of justice and binding to the law is always their day to day aim. It is the duty of law enforcement officers to ensure the safety of every citizen is maintained.

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In the event there is a breach of safety, then they would be responsible to restore the safety levels. Police officers are authorized to have guns, just in case, they might need to use them. The number of patrols in such an area will thereby be increased. Unfortunately, many law enforcement officer has died in the line of duty as a result of gun violence. In some countries, gun control has been extended even to police officers (Friedland 67). Only a few police are authorized to use guns. The rest of the policemen are expected to use other weapons such as bats. Not only judge s and lawyers are strict on an offender who in indulge in violent activities but also correctional institutions.

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Offenders are often punished in accordance with the law by the correctional facilities. The offender who is involved in sexual violence such as sexual assault are often secluded from the rest of the society and locked up in correctional facilities where they are expected to be involved in community labor while at the same time serving a sentence. They are often taught against such crimes and encouraged to become better members of the society. Increasing the number of law enforcement officers, judges and lawyer will serve largely in reducing the number of violence cases that may otherwise be prevented. The aim of this concept is to exhibit how social capital can be built by the criminal justice system. For instance, a former gang member who has been incorporated into the criminal investigation department may go back to current members of a gang and give them guidance and mentor them on how to avoid criminal activities and the negative impacts that they may have on their lives.

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In this way, social capital is created to deal with gun and sexual violence (Chettleburgh 14). On the macro-level perspective, institutions that deal with crime and justice or social networks such as youth centers where youth may be taught on better ways of leading a healthy lifestyle and keep off from the streets are a way of creating social capital which ensures that there is less youth who get involved with a gang and gang-related violence. Various strategies have been put forward in reducing violence within the community. Religious and educational participation may also improve the social capital on it’s their own. A community with a staunch religious and educational background is less likely to get involved in gun violence as religion and education both reprimand violence of any kind.

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Collective efficacy. There is need for collective efficacy including both human capital and social capital in mediating to reduce gun violence in the society. The combined effort of the various division of the criminal justice system is more often than not has enough human and social capital just that they remain nescient (Chettleburgh 54). "They may not run up with bombs, but there’s shootouts. They go ahead to add that they feel it is the adjudication that has failed in dealing with these shootouts. They remark that judges and court systems are unable to effectively have the perpetrators pay for their wrongdoing on legal grounds due to lack of enough evidence. A win against judicial systems in their encounters with adjudicators only serves to radicalize and strengthen them and sometimes unlock more rage and damage.

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It might be baseless but dealing with gun control to control gun violence requires more than just putting officers out in the field. The combined effort of the various division of the criminal justice system is more often than not has enough human and social capital just that they remain nescient (Chettleburgh 54). To improve their efficacy law enforcers, residents and activist hold put this capital to proper use so as to ensure that they are not nescient. The society needs to be organized properly so as they can effectively make use of the available resources. A socially disorganized community, on the contrary, fails to make use of the available capital. Socially disorganized communities are consequently prone to high crime rates. Chettleburgh, Michael.

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