Crime rate in Texas article analysis

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dallasnews. com/news/texas-legislature/2017/07/05/crime-incarceration-rates-falling-texas-closes-record-number-lock-ups. Article Summary: This article expounds on the crime rate in Texas and the rise and the concentration of these criminal personalities from the number of population in the prisons. The judicial and correctional facilities had weaker policies. However, the current measure to close the prison facilities happened to be the best solution to ensuring that the population is decongested and crime rates curtailed. The article pointed out the loopholes that the judicial and other government agencies had not traced to ensuring the growing population in prisons is reduced. The article offered to also provide for the relevance on the measure taken by the lawmakers on the curbing of crime rate. Relevance: The article brings forth the identification of the real reason behind reducing population number in prisons gave an insight, even though future cannot be ascertained, the drive towards establishing an environment willing to curb the criminal activities.

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